Living With One Direction (finished)

The 2nd book to 'Forgetting One Direction.' Skylar is now Living with One direction! it's been 1 year since she found out about her brother ZAYN! Harry, and Abby, have had their kid Gracie for 1 month Now! Liam is STILL in love with Skylar. Louis is dating El, and he has just moved out with her! his room went to Gracie. Skylar's Birthday is in 2 weeks and the boys and Abby have been planning a big party for her.

thanks for reading this series of books. i know this book was small, sorry about that. i was just excited to write my new movella 'Daughter Of The Designer!' please read it!
second and last book to this series.

(note, 'Daughter Of The Designer is a new series.)


9. Chapter 9

Niall's POv.

she falling for Liam. i can feel it. should i really move on?

 i went on my laptop. an ad came up for a dating site. what the heck. i thought. i clicked on the link. it brought me to this dating site. of corse. i made a profile.

Name: Nialler

Age: 19

Status: needs a girl who lives in L.A and really nice, chat me.

i pressed send. in about 2 seconds flat i got 17 chat bubbles, of 16 girls, and ew, is the last one even a girl? gross.

one of the girls stood out from the rest. her name was Jay Young. i clicked on her profile.

she was 18 years old, lives in L.A, hey 15 minutes away from here. no status, she was tan, with black hair that went to her sholders. she was very pretty.

she said "Hey." to me.

i replided back.

"hi." i said.

"are you Niall from like, one direction?" she asked  me.

i was sick of that question.

"yeah.." i replid.

"cool. i'm in a band too. it's me and my 7 other friends. me, then the other 7 girls. Joeanna, Tianna, Lilly, Meghan, Carly, May, and trixy. we call ourselfs Sneeky little devils." she said.

i smiled.

"cute." i said.

"thanks." she saID.

"'so do you like wanna hangout tonight?" i asked.

"sure, wanna meet at TT ice cream shop?" she asked.

"meet you at 7." i said.

"sure." she said.

"text me." i said. i said my number

she gave me hers.

"bye." i said.

she said bye back.

i closed ,my laptop. i looked at the time. 2. i got 5 hours.

i walked into the kitchen. it was just Sky.

"hey niall, about were we stand.." she said.

"don't worry. i know you like Liam. i get it. he's a good guy. tell him i said i met someone else. i give up. no offence." niall said.

"no niall.. ugh i knew this would happen." she said.

"what?" i asked.

"nothing." she said. she ran upstairs. liam came in 5 minutes later.

"what did you do?" liam asked in anger.

"i didn't do anything! i swear!" i said confused.

"skylar just came running up to me CRYING, saying that you said you met someone else. don't you know how she feels about you?" liam asked.

"i thought she liked you, so i'm meeting jay at the ice cream shop. i smiled.

"thanks. but she likes both of us. you just helped her make her deision." liam said.

"liam. listen. you know i still like skylar. i'm meeting jay to get my mind off things. you know. maybe meet someone else. because you know. no one ever goes for me in these situations." i said.

"niall.." liam said.

"maybe tommy was right. you always get everything. there you go. you got skylar." i said.

i didn't mean that. i didn't even know why i said that. i'm so stupid, that probably ended our friendship.

"niall." he said.

"i'm sorry liam. i didn't mean it. i just, need to gett my mind off things." i said as i storming out of the house.

i ran outside. texted jay, asked her to meet me at the ice cream shop now. she said sure. i drove off. liam watching me.


Skylar's POV.

i got up out of bed. i got dressed. i went downstairs to see liam on the couch. crying.

"what happend?" i asked as i sat beside him.

"do i really get everything i want?" liam asked.

"n- yes..." i mummbled.

"but it's not your fault your lucky." i smiled.

"your right." liam said.

"hey do you wanna hangout today?" liam asked me.

"sure." i said.

"when?" she asked me.

"how about now?" i asked.

"were to?" i asked.

"the ice cream shop." liam said.

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