Living With One Direction (finished)

The 2nd book to 'Forgetting One Direction.' Skylar is now Living with One direction! it's been 1 year since she found out about her brother ZAYN! Harry, and Abby, have had their kid Gracie for 1 month Now! Liam is STILL in love with Skylar. Louis is dating El, and he has just moved out with her! his room went to Gracie. Skylar's Birthday is in 2 weeks and the boys and Abby have been planning a big party for her.

thanks for reading this series of books. i know this book was small, sorry about that. i was just excited to write my new movella 'Daughter Of The Designer!' please read it!
second and last book to this series.

(note, 'Daughter Of The Designer is a new series.)


8. Chapter 8

Skylar's POV

liam just punched tommy in the face.

i couldn't belive it.

tommy punched him back in the face.

the fight began.

"LIAM!" i shouted.

i tried braking up the fight.

tommy got off liam and just plain punched me in the face.

"SKYLAR!" liam yelled.

liam shuved tommy off him and came over to me.

"liam.. it hurts." i said. he punched me in the eye.

"i know i know." liam said.

i heard a big thump. me and liam looked up, niall was on top of tommy, and tommy layed on the floor, rubbing his arm.

"niall?" i asked.

"the one and only." he smiled.

zayn and harry kicked tommy out.

me, niall, liam, and zayn went into my room.

me and liam had ice on us. me on my eye, and liam basicly everywere.

"thanks liam. thanks niall." i said.

"wait." i jumped up.

"what?" zayn asked.

"weres louis?!" i asked.

"i guess he's not here ye-" zayn was cut of with..

"LOUIS IS HERE!" louis said while bursting through the door.

"louis." i hugged him.

"wowowowoow WOW. what happend to you and liam?!?!?!?!?!??" he asked.

"tommy." i said.

"i saw that guy leave." louis said.

"i think i'm gonna go back to the party now.." i said.

"with your eye like that?" zayn asked.

"yeah why?" i asked.

"okay!" zayn said.

i put down the ice pack and went downstairs.

the party was still going... but with like half the people.

i ran into abby.

"hey!" i said over the music.

"ME AND HARRY GOT BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!" abby yelled.

"how?" i asked.

"he said he was sorry and stupid..." she said.

"wow." i said.

"yeah.." she said.

"well i'm going upstairs." abby said.


Niall's POV

me and liam went into my room.

"liam." i said.

"what?" he asked/

"why are you so crabby?" i asked.

"sorry." he snapped.

"no really. whats wrong dude." i said.

"FINE. that tommy kid just get me so angrey!" liam said.

"liam." i said.

"what?" he asked.

"go downstairs." i said.

"and.." he said.

"and go find a girl." i said.

"i told you i'm not over sky." he said.

"than... go dance with her." i said.

"what about you?" he asked.

"go. before i change my mind." i smiled.

"thannks bro." he said.

me man hugged and he went downstairs.


Skylar's POV

i needed to get my mind  off things. to many problems. not  many questions. to many possabilitys.

a slow song came on. about 3 guys asked me to dance. i said no to all of them.

i really liked niall. but what liam did for me, uhg! so amazing.

liam came up to me.

"hey." he said.

"hi..." i said.

"what's wrong?" he asked.

"nothin.." i said.

"no i know you, whats wrong?" he asked.

"to many questions on my mind." i said.

"would yoou.. like to dance.?" he asked.

"i'm sorry but i just need to get my mind off things." i said.

"wanna talk?" he asked.

"that would be nice." i said.

"let's go to my secret room." liam said.

we went into liam's 'secret room'

we both sat on the couch.

"are you feeling better?" i asked.

"yeah. nothing hurts anymmore." he said.

"okay/ so what happend?" liam asked.

a tear dropped from my eye.

"skylar" liam said.

 we hugged.

"i can't really talk to you about this." i said.

"why not?" he asked.

"iiiiii" i said.

"skylar." he said.

"you really wanna know?" i asked.

"yes." he said.

"fine. i'll tell you. first, i like niall. i really do. but what you did for me was so amazing. uhg. makes me more attracted to you. i told you guys i didn't like either of you because you guys started to fight over me. i didn't want you two to get into a fight. you know. since you guys are such good friends. i know i acn't like both of you and i KNOW i can't date both of you. i know both of you really like me. i just don't know what to do. moving is NOT an option because i can't i love you AND niall too much. how come i have to like you BOTH? it's just so hard. i really don't know what to do liam. i really don't." i said.

"skylar,," he said.

"what?" i asked.

he kissed me.

"that's just making this harder to choose." i said.

"i know. i just really wanted to do that." liam smiled.

"what should i do liam? what should or WILL i do?" i asked.

"whatever comes from your heart." he said.

"i've listened to my heart before. it says niall. now it says you. but now, it says both." i said.

"i don't know what to tell you." liam said.

i sighed. what AM i going to do about this?

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