Living With One Direction (finished)

The 2nd book to 'Forgetting One Direction.' Skylar is now Living with One direction! it's been 1 year since she found out about her brother ZAYN! Harry, and Abby, have had their kid Gracie for 1 month Now! Liam is STILL in love with Skylar. Louis is dating El, and he has just moved out with her! his room went to Gracie. Skylar's Birthday is in 2 weeks and the boys and Abby have been planning a big party for her.

thanks for reading this series of books. i know this book was small, sorry about that. i was just excited to write my new movella 'Daughter Of The Designer!' please read it!
second and last book to this series.

(note, 'Daughter Of The Designer is a new series.)


7. Chapter 7

Liam's POV

the alarm i set for 7 came on. i got ready, and put on my tuxedo. she was still asleep. i went downstairs everyone was down ther. geust were starting to arive.

i couldn't wait to see the look on her face.


Skylar's POV.

i woke up. opened my door and ther was a beautiful dress. it was the dress i wanted. i smiled. a dress for my birthday. there was a note. it said put it on. we must be going somewere fancy. i did as told, put on makeup, and braided my hair to the side.

i walked downstairs.

there must have been at least 3000 people there. good thing this is a HUGE house.

"HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY SKYLAR" everyone shouted.

i smiled.

niall and liam came up to me.

"you 2?" i asked.

"all of us." niall smiled.

liam hugged me.

so did niall.

i walked in.

there was a DJ and a bar set up, of corse that was harry. and i found harry.

"weres Gracie?" i asked.

"babysitter. and might i say, you look nice." harry said.

"thanks." i smiled.

"weres Abby?" i asked.

Harry frowned.

he pointed to the couch.

i went to her.

she smiled.

she had just got off her baby belly, she has her super long blonde hair (to her butt) into a bun, and she was wearing a tight green dress. she had glitter all over her eyes.
"awesome." i said.

"thanks." she said.

she seemed upset.

"whats wrong?" i asked.

"can i talk to you in the bathroom?" she asked.

"sure." i said.

we went into the bathroom. i could hear someone say,

"i ddon't get why girls go to the bathroom in pairs."

"what?" i asked her.

"me and harry.." she stopped.

"you and harry what?" i asked.

"broke up.." she said.

"oh no..!" i said.

i hugged her.

"well now you can do what you do best!" i said.

"shop?" she asked

"no. flirt with guys!" i said.

"right!" she said.

we went out of the bathroom. we went to 2 cute guys.

"hi." i said.

"hey your the birthday girl!" some guy said.

"skylar." i said.

"Tom." he said.

"hi." abby said to the other guy.

"abby." she smiled.

"Rick." he said.

us four danced to 'call me maybe'

then a slow song came on.

"do you want to dance?" Tom asked me.

"sure." i said.

Rick and abby danced too.

me and Tom were arm length.

i looked at him. her looked familar. but i couldn't remember who he was.

i looked to my right. liam was stairing with his mouth open.

tom looked at liam and pulled me so we were nose to nose.

the song was over.

"will you exuse me." i said.

i walked over to liam.

"what?" i asked.

"do you know who that is?" he asked me.

"yeah tom." i said.

"exactly." he said.

"what do you mean we just met." i said.

"doesn't he look familar?" liam asked me.

"yeah..." i said.

a moment passed.

"wait.. do you mean..." i said.

"you just slow danced with tom. they guy who broke your heart, and my spirit." liam said.

"liam i forgot about him.." i said.

"it's okay." liam said.

we hugged.

niall looked at us and came over.

"hey." he said.

"why are you guys hugging?" niall asked.

i wipped a tear from my eye.

"whats wrong?" niall hugged me.

" i forgot about tom, and i just slow danced with him." i said.

"well i'm going to give him a peice of my mind." i said.

i walked over to tom.

"hey." he smiled.

"hi Tommy." i said.

"uh oh." he said.

"yeah. came back to make liam more jelous?" i asked.

"wa-" he said. i cut him off.

"i want you out of my house tommy." i said.

"you can't make me leave." tommy said.

"yes i can." i said.

He looked at liam. liam came up to us.

"tommy." liam said.

tommy took one look at liam then he kissed me. he held my head so i couldn't pull i way. i was pushing him off of me. but he was too stong.

"let her GO!" liam shouted.

liam tried to pull tommy. off.

tommy came off.

he winked at me. then he looked at liam.

"what you gonna do about it?" he asked liam.

liam did something i thought he would never do.

he threw a punch at Tommy. right in the nose.

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