Living With One Direction (finished)

The 2nd book to 'Forgetting One Direction.' Skylar is now Living with One direction! it's been 1 year since she found out about her brother ZAYN! Harry, and Abby, have had their kid Gracie for 1 month Now! Liam is STILL in love with Skylar. Louis is dating El, and he has just moved out with her! his room went to Gracie. Skylar's Birthday is in 2 weeks and the boys and Abby have been planning a big party for her.

thanks for reading this series of books. i know this book was small, sorry about that. i was just excited to write my new movella 'Daughter Of The Designer!' please read it!
second and last book to this series.

(note, 'Daughter Of The Designer is a new series.)


12. Chapter 12

Skylar's POV

it was the next day and Jay has completely moved in, and i'm not very happy about it.

 i looked at the time. it was 6 am.

i got dressed, and went downstairs. liam was the only one awake besides me.

"oh." i said.

"what's wrong?" liam smiled.

"nothing. were cool right?" i asked.

"yeah, were friends." liam said.

friends. that word ecoed in my head.

i sat on an armchair.

"so." i said.

"So?" liam said.

"how are you and Jay?" i asked. not wanting to know.

"were good, how are you and niall?" liam asked.

"good. look liam, this doesn't need to be akward. your happy with Jay, and i'm happy with niall." i smiled.

"this isen't akward for me.." liam said.

"ohh.." i said.

niall came down the stairs.

"NIALL!" i said.

"yeah?" he said half awake.

jay came down the stairs.

"hey babe." liam said kissing Jay.

niall's eyes saw them. he knew that liam was trying to make us both jelous, why is he doing that all the time.

niall kissed me.

then liam kissed jay.

then niall kissed me again.

jay pulled away.

"okay okay, i need to get some breakfust, and i'm sure SKYLAR does too." jay said.

i pulled away.

"yes i do." i said.

 me and jay walked into the kitchen, and niall and liam sat in the living room.

"what just happend?" i asked.

"i think niall and liam are trying to make each other jelous." jay said.

"that, and plus liam keeps trying to make me jelous also." i addded.

"why?" jay asked.

"i think it's because they both liked me, but niall got me. and liam got you." i said.

"so i'm a second choice?" jay said.

"no no i didn't mean it like that." i said.

"it's okay sky, i'm not upset." jay said.

"your not?" i asked.

"yes. things happen in life, you can't change them. you can't plan things to happen, and you can't make choices. you go were life takes you." jay said.

she's right. i've been trying to make a choice between liam and niall, and trying to make life how I WANT it. and because of that, this whole jelousy thing started.

"yeah." i smiled.

maybe i underestamated Jay, some people in life CAN me nice and pretty.

we both ate, jay got dressed and so did niall and liam. we all sat down on the couch.

the TV was off, and we all sat there in silence.

"so..." niall said.

"jay gave me this pep talk, i think you should all hear." i said.

"i did?" jay said.

"you did." i smiled.

i told them how we have to all stop being jelous and trying to make things our way and just go were life takes us.

"your right." niall said.

"i'm going to stop trying to make people jelous, i admit. i've been trying to." niall said.

"liam?" i asked.

"does love life count?" liam said. still stairing at the blank TV.

his voice was stuttering.

i knew were he was coming from.

"i'm my opion you should be with who you love, and don't go for any second choices, unless you love them now, of corse, and jelousy is NOT the answer." i said.

"i agree." jay said looking at Jay.

"i'm sorry." liam said.

"are we all cool now?" i asked.

"yeah. we are." liam said.

"are we with who we want to be with?" i asked looking at liam and niall.

"yup." niall smiled at me.


Liam's POV.

Skylar asked.

"are we all who we want to be with?"

my body went stiff.

was i who i was ment to be with? i really don't know. life just isn't going my way. like it usally does... i can't control it.

jay is amazing, my a little part of me says Skylar.

Skylar doesn't like me like that, but Jay does. i'm going were life take me. and righ now, it's with Jay.

"yes." i said.

"good." skylar said.

i kissed jay on the cheek. she smiled.

she looked like she was thinking about something. i wanted to know what,


Jay's POV

liam told everyone he was into me and he was over the jelousy.

i knew he still wasen't over skylar and he knew it too.

i knew that because every time niall did something couple- like with skylar, liam would flinch.

"liam can i talk to you for a second?" i asked.

"yeah sure." he said.

"privatly." i said.

"sure come into the kitchen." liam said.

we walked into the kicthen.

"what?" he asked looking back at skylar.

"your not over skylar, and you know it." i said.

"no. my heart belongs to you babe." liam said.

"i don't belive you." I said.

"why don't you belive me?" he asked.

"because i don't think you even belive YOURSELF.'' i said.

"what?" he asked.

"you like skylar, but since she's with niall you decline that you like her." i said.

"how do you know all this stuff?" he asked.

"i-i- just do." i said.

"Jay" he said firmly.

"okay fine. but your not going to belive me." i said.

"just tell me." he said.

"i-i- can read minds." i said.

"i don't belive you." liam said.


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