Living With One Direction (finished)

The 2nd book to 'Forgetting One Direction.' Skylar is now Living with One direction! it's been 1 year since she found out about her brother ZAYN! Harry, and Abby, have had their kid Gracie for 1 month Now! Liam is STILL in love with Skylar. Louis is dating El, and he has just moved out with her! his room went to Gracie. Skylar's Birthday is in 2 weeks and the boys and Abby have been planning a big party for her.

thanks for reading this series of books. i know this book was small, sorry about that. i was just excited to write my new movella 'Daughter Of The Designer!' please read it!
second and last book to this series.

(note, 'Daughter Of The Designer is a new series.)


11. Chapter 11

Niall's POV.

skylar just said that she likes me, liam is okay with it, cause he's dating Jay. what do i say?

we sat on the couch. no one was home but us.

"so were do we stand?" i asked..


Skylar's POV.

i don't know what to say. he's the guy. he's the one to make the move.

"were do you want to stand?" i asked him hoping he will respond.

"i like you, you like me. so..." niall said.

"for goodness sake lad." i said. i kissed him.

he kissed me back.

i stopped.

"niall.." i said.

"skylar. do me one thing." niall said.

"yeah?" i asked.

"be my girlfriend?" niall asked.

"i thought you would never ask." i smiled.

me and niall started kissing again. then liam and Jay walked threw the door.

holding hands.


Liam's POV.

i walk in with Jay. they are kissing.

"oh." i said.

the sat back down.

"hey." sky said.

"hey bro." niall smiled.

"we are going." i said as i walked Jay to my 'secret room.'

we were walking i could  only hear one thing. skylar saying "he's taking her to his 'secret room.' i don't feel so special anymore. i thought I was the only one he trusted me with that secret."

i frowned. it does seem like i'm doing re-living me and skylar with Jay.

"come one Jay. we will go into our theatre insted." i said swiching directions into the theatre.


Skylar's POV.

oh god did liam hear me say that?

niall was stairing at me.

"yes?" i asked.

"nothing." he said.

"tell me." i said.

"naww i'm good." niall said with a smile.

"tell me or else." i snapped.

"or else WHAT?" niall laughed.

"or else this!" i yelled. i jumped on top of him and tickled him he is very ticklish.

"okay okay stop stop" niall said.

"will you tell me?" i asked.

"yes yes!" niall said.

i got off him and sat beside him.

"are you jelous of Liam and Jay?" niall said.

"it's not like i like liam like that anyways, and i'm not jelous of them, just maybe a little jelous, anyways, it's just, Liam is showing and doing stuff with Jay, like he did with me. it makes me feel like i'm not special. like i'm starting to think, what we felt for each other, was what he felt like and did with other girls? you know what i mean? me and liam didn't do anything dirty, not that way, just like places we went and stuff you know?" i said.

"you will always be special to me." niall smiled.

"thanks." i said.

i kissed him again.

"were is harry and abby and Gracie?" i asked.

"i don't know. they haven't been home for a while." niall said.

"and zayn?" i asked.

"donno." niall said.

i went into abby's room. nothing there. nto her bed, dresser, nothing. just an empty room. same with harry's, and gracie's. iw ent into zayns. his stuff was there. i went to go get my phone to call abby.

i had one new voicemail. from 3 day's ago.

it said "hey sky, it's abby. me and harry and gracie moved out together! don't worry about us, and if you are woundering were zayn is, he is helping us settle down. he's coming back tonight. sorry i didn't tell you in person, harry wanted to move out fast. bye"

i dropped my phone. went downstairs, and saw zayn talking to niall. they didn't notice i was at the bottem of the stairs.

"you and skylar?" zayn said.

"yeah. were dating." niall said.

"you better be good to her." zayn said.

"i will." niall said.

"you better." zayn said.

"uhhhhhmm." i said.

they both looked at me.

"hey." they both said at the same time.

"turns out harry, abby and gracie moved out." i said.

"yeah zayn told me." niall said.

liam and Jay walked in.

"oh zayn, this is Jay, my girlfriend." liam said.

"hey." zayn said.

"i got a text from Hazza saying him, abby and gracie moved out together." liam said.

"yeah. it's gonna be hard being the only girl in the house." i joked.

"well you don't have to. cause Jay is moving in with us!" liam said.

"say what?" me and niall said at the same time.

it's not that i didn't like Jay, it's just that i didn't like how liam was with her... i don't like liam, just it's hard to explain.

"oh yay." i said.

"cool." zayn said.

"she's going in hazza's room kk?" liam said.

"you just met her today." i said.

"so?" liam said.

"are you jelous?" liam said.

"pffffft noooo." i said.

"well than it's settled." liam said.

"zayn come help me get Jay's stuff from her house to bring here to help her movie in." liam said.

"helping ANOTHER COUPLE move in?" zayn moaned.

they all went threw the door. it was just me and niall again.

he looked at me like he knew something.

"what?" i said.

"i know you don't want Jay living here." niall said.

"okay i admit, i don't, but she's so beautiful and so nice, she's to fake to be real." i said.

"skylar. she's only half as pretty as you are." niall said.

"your saying that when im wearing sweats and no makeup?" i aske him.

"yes, you look beautiful." he said.

"thanks." i said.

we kissed.

"can you do something for me?" niall asked.

"naww." i said.

"WOMAN MAKE ME A SAMITCH!" niall yelled and laughd.

"samitch?" i asked.

"yes." he said.

"do you mean SANDWHICH?" i asked.

"either one works." he said.

we both laughed.

"but i'm serious can you please make me a sandwhich im so hungry." niall said.

"sure." i smiled.



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