Always together<3

This story is about 3 best friends Ashley Stephanie and Shania they go on a vacation in london geuss who they meet


2. Whats going on?

*Stephs P.O.V.
We took a cab to our hotel its 5 stars when we stopped in the front shani took her bag and suitcase and runned to the reception when finally me and ash came in shania already had the door key and she was waiting at the elevator 
"HURRY I WANT TO TAKE A SHOWERRRRR" she screamed she needs 2 showers a day she just loves to be fresh i geuss
We runned to shania and in the elevator she clicked on the button wich said 12 i geuss we have a suite shania ran to a door wich said 1258 she opened it 
"Fudge" we all said yeah we cant say bad things because mommy ash will get mad
Sudenlly we all heard screaming ash runned like a panter to the window
"Whats going on ash?" I asked
Shania also runned to the window
"One" shania said
"DIRECTION HOLY FUDGE ONE DIRECTIOOOOON" ash screamed yah we are fannies haha
"OMGGEESH THERE IS HARRY AAAAAAH" Shania screamed fake fainting
"Omg there is my leprechaun" i said clapping what i love clapping shush!
"And there comes my badboy" ash said
"Wait what did you just say your bad boy for real so we cant say badwords but badboy is allowed i need some water" shania said walking to the fridge
Suddenly we heard a knock on our room shania opend it  

*Shanias P.O.V.* 
There was a knock at the door i didnt bother stopping drinking my water while opening it so i opend it there was standing harry fudgeing styles and i spitted my water at him oh shit
I said running around looking for a nepkin ha found one i tried to clean his shirt
He took my arm "Its ok babe you are makeing it worse" he said letting me look in his green eyes 
"Uhh oh Yeah ofcourse uhm how can i help you mr styles?" I asked nervous
"Well we were on our way to our room but we heard you guys screaming whe tought something was wrong so we knocked and please call me harry" he said
"O ok but sorry i i mean we need to go do uhhm our make up sorry bye " i said
"Bye gorgeus" harry said while i was closeing the door

So what do you guys think like it so far haha bc i love it add me on kik Shania013love

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