My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


3. Walking Home

While i was walking home. I saw my  class mate Jason. He stopps next to me.

"Hey do you need a ride home" Jason asked

"Sure" I said as i was getting into Jasons car.

We stopped at a house that was two stories high. I walked out of the car and followed Jason inside. Jason grabbed my hips and pulled me back. I slapped him in the face and kicked him in the balls.

"Oops i did it again" I sang in the rudest voice posible. 

I grabbed jasons keys and started to walk out the door. Some boy saw me walking out when he grabbed me and brought me back to Jason.Jason to off my dress and put me on the chair with bags on it. I tryed to kick him in the balls but i couldnt he had already tied my to the chair.

"Fuck" I mumbled to myself

"Its to early to fuck and you know that"Jason said shaving his pubs.

"Im a virgin dipshit"

"Not after today stupid hoe"

" Now i remember what you did to that 17 year old"

" Jimmy what the hell are you doing" Jason yelled

"Im shaving my nuts" Jimmy yelled

When jimmy came down the stairs. Jason got up from jacking off . And came to fuck me. He entered me then began to thrust over and over. Jimmy made his way over and put his dick in my mouth he began to thrust in and out. I moaned.Jimmy laughed as if this were funny or somthing. Jason switched places with Jimmy and then they had a threesome . It was crazy but i was able to push jimmy into Jason . I took some clothes and ran outside and got into Jasons car. I found some money so i took it i ran back to mr.styles house.

"Harry" i yelled when i walked into his house.

"Babe is that you"

"Yeah " i ran and hugged hime he smiled . I started to tear up.

"Babe whats wrong"

"I-I got raped"

"BY WHO I WILL KILL THEM" Harry yelled

"J-Jason"I sobbed

"Okay wait whos clothes are those"

"I dont know they ripped my dress and i needed to wear something."


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