My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


2. That afternoon

Tonight me and mary are going to the most awesomest club. We are going to the microphone house!!! My mum told me to be sure to keep all my money in my bra what a creep. But i almost forgot ever since my car got stolen we have no ride but my mums car should do. Marry called me and said the same my mum said to do! I got on my strapless green dress and my six inch heels. I walked outside to see Mary was waiting to call my house phone. we saw each other and hoped that somthing happy would happen.

     We got in the car. Mary started to drive down the street when we saw danny and micheal walking down the street . Of course we pick them up and brought them to the club with us. When we got in the club we all split away from each other. I had four shots two margaritas five beers and some vadka i was really drunk. I was waliking down the hall to use the bathroom. But I saw my boyfriend Micheal kissing an ugly rat. I ran down to the bathroom crying. When i looked in the mirror i said " Your an ugly peice of shit" but i guess mary thought i said to her because she didnt talk to me again. I ran out of the bathroom. I ran into a man. I couldnt see him because my tears blurred my vision. He hugged me. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU A RAPIST" I yelled

"Must be a friendly rapist then" Said a voice i knew

He took me back to his house when my eyes cleared up i saw Mr. Styles.

"Why were you at a club your like 20"

"Actually im a nineteen year young teacher"

"Sorry sassy"

"Well you can sleep in my bed and i will sleep on the couch"

"No you sleep in your bed iM you guest you can sleep on your bed"

"No its okay"


So i slept til morning and i forgot my mums car i dont have the keys either. I dont have a phone so i cant call my mum. Great. Mr.styles was next to me in bed why was i naked? Didnt he sleep on the couch? why was he naked? No dont tell me we omg i need my phone right now i got up and walked to the bathroom i had underwear one but no bra or shirt. did we just have sex me and my teacher please dont say ahhhhh. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my dress on a hanger and clean. Thanks i mumbled to myself i got dressed and saw it was saturday . What this makes no sense? I got my shoes on and walked out the door looking like a slut.

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