My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


5. Our Love

                                                     Katelyns Pov

After harry gave me my presents I Relized I left my purse at his house and that had my lucky necklace that my mum gave me before she well Passed. Harry was so sweet to give me the necklace but hes a nineteen year old teacher and im a eighteen year old student how could someone like me date a teacher I almost done I have on year of highschool left then im done.

"Harry" I say cheeky

"Yes love" Harry said in the deepest voice possible

"I left me purse at your house before we left last night" I say

"wanna go get it or no" he says

"I wanna go get it but im scared t-that well Jason will show up" I say sad

"either way his ass will beat if he tries to hurt you " Harry said buffing his chest out

We left the beautiful beach house and were on our way back to harrys house when we saw one of jasons friends he saw us and automatically called Jason it was the kid that threatened to kill me if I said anything about what they did to me. I told Harry . He got on his phone I think to call Liam or Louis. When we were down the street from the house I grew up in I Noticed something was different something was missing. My Cousin Lianna Eaton said she would watch me little sister if I moved out and I basically did so im hoping harry will bring me by my cousins house.


                                   6 Years Ago

"Little Katelyn you know you cant fight just leave the damn school you will go nowhere in life" Mum said

"Katelyn you know I love you but sweetie your to smart for the family" Kaleb said

"'Mummy why is Katelyn so ew and im so Faboo" Karina said

Mum and Papa were drinking that night when they had to take me brother to his futball game while I watched me little sister Karina.

Knock Knock I heard on the door that night

I answered the door the police officer asked me if me parents had been drinking that night. I said yes why? They got in a car crash with a semi truck and my brother flew out the front window with no seatbelt my papa was killed to injuries on his head they were server me mum was Killed on impact to the head from losing to much blood and the truck hit her side .


                      Flashback over


I told harry about how me parents died I started to cry and me sister died just a month after so I got adopted and I thought I was next to die

Harry kissed me and told me to go to sleep

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