My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


4. Lost in time

When we got inside harrys house I finally. sat down. Harry didn't let me go to school so he called in sick. Harry called a doctor to come and make sure I don't have herpes or anything. Harry didn't leave my side at all that day. I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up harry was by my side . I felt rested. I woke him up and I got up to see I was in harrys bed and in his pajama pants. I walked in the bathroom when I heard a knock on the door.

"Harry wake up" I yelled

"Whoa whos there babe"

"I don't know and im not gonna find out unless your with me"


Harry and I  walked to the door Harry looked through the peephole it as Jason.

"Go hide" Harry whispered to me

"Why?" I said


I ran to the closet. and I hid inside till I heard Jason say that Harry was gonna be a deadman.

I found my phone in my pocket. I dialed 911. then I heard harry say "not I your dead first"


                                        Harrys p.o.v

Jason got in my face. I punched his jaw. He tried to punch my eye but I grabbed his arm.

"Where is she" Jason said

Jason walked inside my house.

"Why don't you get out of my house Jason" I say

"How about you make me" Jason said

"Okay" I say when I walked towards him.

Then I saw Katelyn jump out of the closet and kick him in hi nuts. She ran towards me.

"Damn im never gonna get you mad" I say

she giggles

"Go get in my car" i say


I grab my car keys and my phone. and we go to the beach house where me and Louis rented.

"Where are we" Katelyn said

"Home "

We walked inside and saw Louis at the door.

"Welcome to paradise" said Louis

"Thanks Mr. Louis" said Katelyn

"Katelyn sweetheart just call me lou" Said Louis

"Okay" Said Katelyn as we walked into the house

I showed Katelyn the room we would be staying in. I had a surprise girl shopping day for Katelyn elenour Danielle and gemma. Katelyn layed on the bed and fell asleep. I wentr to sleep about 1 hour after.


Katelyns p.o.v

I woke up this morning to see a note in harrys spot in bed.

The note read :   When you are awake go down into the kitchen and when you see m I will have a surprise for you. I walked downstairs and saw harry with his hands behind his back. He handed me a rose and a Gold necklace with a hear  on it. I hugged him ad gave him a Kiss that's when he new something good was gonna happen tonight


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