My French Teacher (Harry Styles)

Katelyn is 17 she is almost done with highschool. She doesnt know about her boyfiend cheating on her will she move on?


6. Back in town

                                                Katelyns POV

We just got back to Harrys house when I notice the front door was wide open. Harry made sure nobody was inside before I got out of the car. Harry got out of the car and walked around the house top to bottom. He came back and told me I could go in and feel at home again. I haven't gone to school in like two weeks so I guess the time can fly. I will have harry call in to work and ill have him drop me off before he goes and gets his morning tea. I have to get all of the missing work together and make an excuse of why I was gone. Hopefully harry will have a good excuse to cause this is his job and school is school education doesn't matter when you work at mc. donalds . Anyways I need to shower and do my hair if anything it looks I went to Justin bieber for  a haircut. I will go get some clothes to change into so that it doesn't look like im a douchebag kinda girl when it comes to dressing myself. I walk to my bag of clothes and look for something like some shorts and a tshirt just to keep it simple . I grab a towel out of harrys special closet and I grab his special shampoo and conditioner and I make my way to the master bedroom shower that was on the second floor of the house. Sometimes, I sing in the shower to let my feelings out just to let my family know I how I feel about where im living and sometimes I yell that they are idiots and should just let me run away cause they aren't my real family.

                                     Harry POV

I remember how when she sleeps she sorta well she does hum in her sleep . Katelyn knows she can sing but she doesn't know how well . I have to let her know but just to think of saying more of her perfections to her just seems like ill blush up or even throw up my morning tea. Shes beautiful and she is wanted by many. Jason had his chance now shes mine. I waited on the couch watching vines while she was in the shower. she was singing about how her life has been better since she met me and how she misses her real family. I was making some sandwitchs while she was in the shower so she could eat after she dryed off. After she told me about what happened to her parents and her sister I relized I loved her more than anything . If anything happened to her I wouldn't be  able to live through it. (SCREAMING) I heard Katelyn scream while she was in the shower . I ran to the bathroom as quick as possible. I see her laying in the shower crying.

"Katelyn , Honey whats wrong" I say looking at her face instead of looking at her naked body

"I day dreamed " She said looking at me with the tears in her eyes

"Day dreamed about what love" I say now starting to look at her body

"Jason " She said starting to cry again

" What happened " I say as I kissed her

" He saw me in class and he just walked toward me and started  to take off his clothes and t-then he ripped off mine and he raped me" Katelyn said crying again

I hugged her and I left the restroom so she could get dressed and come out and eat her sandwich



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