Him agian

Lucy is a normal school girl with her boyfriend James but when them two split up life for Lucy is harder, but then she meets the new boy and her life completely changes.


2. the bus

me and racheal where on the way to the bus when ellis ran past me and racheal and pushed us so we seperated she tried to catch up with her boyfriend louis louis has lovely hair which is swooped to one side of his face his eyes are all blue and sparkly. i have a boyfriend called james he has hair like louis yet james hair is blond and his eyes are brown and his smile m\akes me blush whenever i see it. me and racheal sat down on the bus like we do every day when ellis sits next to me and me and racheal give eachover "THE LOOK" which meant i would have to talk to her, i go to ellis

"sorry ellis but why are you sitting hear i mean you dont like me or racheal" so she goes

"oh sorry there wasnt any seats but there is one now." i new who it was next to i wanted to see if she dare sit next to him,yep she has sat next to james my boyfriend the one im in love with the one i kiss everyday not her me. when the bus stoppes into the school i grab my bag look at racheal and kiss james leaning over ellis to make her so jelous of the fact that her boyfriend dosnt want to kiss her because of her ugly face.

me and racheal both sat down in science just looking at me,carly my other bestfriend was also staring at me i dont blame them i looked miserable scince the bus to school the bell for break went and that is when carly snapped she doesnt like being patient " whats wrong" " ah and dont give me the nothing im fine i have had that to much in my life so far now what is wrong, go on what is it,tell me im dying to know."

2 well i said speaking for the first time since science ellis sat next to my boyfriend jame, and she was flirting with him and touching him on the leg and stuff i could see it from the gab on the seat i hate her so much."

"dont we all" racheal said with a grin on her face being proud that she said something nasty about someone for the first time.

"oh dont worry babe come lets go have food and i will speak to her at lunch or in maths if i see her."

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