A Million Miles Of Love

An ordinary girl is a sister to a famous brother named Liam Payne who is in a band called One direction this book contains 5sos and one direction these 2 girls are very close best friends Aubrey and Alicia and they soon fall in love with a irish blonde, and a curllied hair goof they are falling for eachother when Alicias old high school friends come back Ashton Calum Michael and Luke Ashton and Alicia used to like eachother now that they are back again Ashton might have feelings for Alicia even though Alicia is dating Niall. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read more. dont forget i love you all you read vote comment and like my book thank you to all!!!!!!!




  we drove back to my place when we finally got there we went inside "nice place Mackenzie said before taking  a seat on the couch "thanks i know it is a really nice place huge to. " so anything to drink i asked. " umm ' well there is OJ, coffee, wine, water  " umm can i just have water please. " yea sure just a second i handed it to her as she looked through all the movies i have um lets watch the hangover so thats what we watched. i walked into the kitchen grabbed a few sodas made popcorn and grabbed a few blankets and pillows. and walked back into the living room we all plopped down on the couch watching the movie. when the movie ended we just talked, played truth or dare, and ate. 


     oh that was so much fun we all said after we did all that crazy shit i said.

" yeah that was

   we all just threw are selves on the couch and layed down there were 2 chairs and 2 couches i took the couch as so did Mackenzie Aubrey and belen took the chairs. we all just layed there until we fell asleep i was about to doze off when the boys came home. "hey Alicia you here i heard Niall say right before my eyes got heavy and i just fell asleep. "awe Louis remarked there sleeping. right when he said that i suddenly felt the  couch sink in the middle i falt two arms rap around my waist  and soft lips resting on my shoulder i turned and woke up Niall was smiling up at me so i smiled back when i looked over and saw Harry pick Aubrey up and carry her bridal style to my guest bedroom .


      Niall scooched me over and layed beside me and everything went dark we were all asleep.


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