A Million Miles Of Love

An ordinary girl is a sister to a famous brother named Liam Payne who is in a band called One direction this book contains 5sos and one direction these 2 girls are very close best friends Aubrey and Alicia and they soon fall in love with a irish blonde, and a curllied hair goof they are falling for eachother when Alicias old high school friends come back Ashton Calum Michael and Luke Ashton and Alicia used to like eachother now that they are back again Ashton might have feelings for Alicia even though Alicia is dating Niall. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read more. dont forget i love you all you read vote comment and like my book thank you to all!!!!!!!


23. talking and thinking


     Hey lads we need t start packing Tomorrow "why they asked

"we are going on a cruise in three days

    " really why

"well Alicia wanted to do something special on her birthday so she is taking us on a cruise

     " wow she came up with the idea we had for her

"yeah so


  we all just sat down talking

"but even though she is gonna take us on a cruise for her birthday i mean i still wanna get her something


 Aha i got it i said getting up and running out of the house

    were is he going harry stated

"well he was thinking about Alicia's birthday and then he rushed out saying i got Louis remarked


   we all just finished eating breakfast.


    Niall's *p.o.v*

well sense i know she loves roses and lilies ill get her a bouquet of flowers

    i will get her a really big teddy bear that says "I LOVE YOU BABE"

 And ill get her a chocolate and vanilla cake made saying i love you happy birthday love. from, Niall and the gang

   and "ugh what else should i get her

"think Niall think

    takeherouttoeat, gotothepark,  i was thinking really fast until it hit me we will go out to eat at a fancy restaurant with the gang and then go to the park for a while thats it i grinned. 

   and then i headed to make reservations at outback diner for Friday even though her birthday is Saturday we are going on the cruise then. i headed home to tell the lads about everything. 

   when i got home i told the lads and they all said that is gonna be the best birthday present she has ever had.

   then we all just started to watch t.v we watched toy story 3 because Niall and Liam wanted to so we sat through the movie as Niall and Liam laughed at every word.

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