A Million Miles Of Love

An ordinary girl is a sister to a famous brother named Liam Payne who is in a band called One direction this book contains 5sos and one direction these 2 girls are very close best friends Aubrey and Alicia and they soon fall in love with a irish blonde, and a curllied hair goof they are falling for eachother when Alicias old high school friends come back Ashton Calum Michael and Luke Ashton and Alicia used to like eachother now that they are back again Ashton might have feelings for Alicia even though Alicia is dating Niall. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read more. dont forget i love you all you read vote comment and like my book thank you to all!!!!!!!


28. park and puppies


 we all got into are cars and drove off. "were are we going Niall i asked "it's a surprise. it took only about 15 minutes me and Niall were wearing are sunglasses and to pass time i just sat on my phone watching music videos.

    we finally arrived to are destination to  what was a park and there was a picnic in the middle of the grass were the rest of the gang was sitting and chatting me and Niall walked up and i put my sunglasses on and just sat down on Niall's lap we talked, Laughed, and hung out and ate then we all went to go onto the slides,and swings, we played monkey on the ground first then we just played random games, Me and Niall sat on the swing i was sitting on his lap like always and we swung back and forth " i have had so much fun i stated turning towards Niall who was smiling " me to i mean spending a day with you is the most amazing thing i have ever done. we leaned in and kissed we kissed for about 2 minutes then got up and we started playing truth or dare with the others. 


  after about 2 hours at the park we left back to my place. "hey babe go change into lie a regular everyday outfit ok " ok i said walking into my room and grabbing jeans and a bright yellow strapless shirt i put on my brown boots and then put my hair up in a loose bun. I walked out and waited for Niall. Niall came out of the guest bedroom and was wearing green and white vands and jeans with a green shirt that says im a lucky leprechaun i laughed as he did to. " ready to go i asked him " well we are waiting for the others to come home so lets do something before that ok " ok we went and sat on the couch we were watching episodes of glee and laughing we started to talk he leaned in and kissed me he begged for entrance so i let him we were now french kissing we kissed for what seemed like forever but was only 3 minutes after we broke apart and heard a knock at the door so we walked hand and hand to answer it. "were here they all said coming in " ok well were ready to go were ever we are going "ok then lets go Aubrey and Liam said shoving us out of the door.


   we all hopped into the car and drove off we were listening to set fire to the rain by Adele  and we were driving some were obviously far cause we were on the highway Niall had my hand in his and i layed my head on his shoulder. we started talking about the cruise tomorrow.

  " you guys do know we have to pack later for the cruise tomorrow i stated.

"yeah they all replied

    " i thin it will be so much fun Aubrey said laughing

" i know right

   then we pulled up some were and Niall covered my eyes i felt a cool breeze and heart a bell witch means were inside a place right now he brought me into a room temperature room and uncovered my eyes and i saw so many baby puppies i smiled " pick one you want to take home Niall said  i turned around and gave him a big hug and kiss and was playing and looking at them all i couldn't choose  between a baby rottweiler or  a baby black lab  " Niall you chose one with me " ok love which ones do you want " well i cant choose between this baby rottweiler and this baby black lab " um well i love them both "same " well love witch one do you think is the softest and cutest " the baby rottweiler "ok well then we will get her ok " ok

   we went up to the owner and shower the lady witch dog we wanted and she too the dog out Niall and i signed tons of forms and got the puppies shots then we were handed the puppy and we smiled waving to the lady saying thank you. We hopped into the car and i held her and then the gang started smiling and looking happy at the puppy i passed her back to the guys and they played with her till we got home. And me and Niall were talking about dog names and we both agreed on Mitsy.

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