A Million Miles Of Love

An ordinary girl is a sister to a famous brother named Liam Payne who is in a band called One direction this book contains 5sos and one direction these 2 girls are very close best friends Aubrey and Alicia and they soon fall in love with a irish blonde, and a curllied hair goof they are falling for eachother when Alicias old high school friends come back Ashton Calum Michael and Luke Ashton and Alicia used to like eachother now that they are back again Ashton might have feelings for Alicia even though Alicia is dating Niall. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read more. dont forget i love you all you read vote comment and like my book thank you to all!!!!!!!


13. Night at the movies Part two

Me and Niall went and looked at the movies in the glass window at the Rave and we saw one movie called Parental Guidance 

    " Do you wanna go see this with me when it comes out Alicia"

"yeah off course Niall if i am off work"

    " ok love well um wanna go to candy castle and get the cotton candy balls"



 We walked hand and hand all the way to candy castle in the avenues like 6 Minutes it took us to walk there. We got there and we went inside while Niall was getting the cotton candy i took my Iphone out and looked at the time.

   " shit Niall hurry up it is 11:56" 

" ok coming"

       "we walked back and ran back to the Rave we made it there and harry Liam and the gang still weren't here so we sat on the ledge by the water fountain and waited. I leaned in and licked the cotton candy as he did and his tongue licked mine and it turned into a passionate kiss. He pulled away and started to laugh as so did i and then he kissed me on the crevice of my neck. And then we sat and talked to each other about work and about how we love each other so much.


Aubrey's, Harry's P.O.V


Me and harry walked all over we went and got ice-cream from steak-"n" - shake we only got one so we could share but i wasn't really in the mood.We sat on the park bench in the avenues and kisses for a while actually. Then i heard

   " gotta one way ticket down a two way street, got the wind in my hair and there's dust on Fe... I answered it


    " Hello"

 "HEY were the hell are you me and niall are about to leave you guys and just go in"

       " o shit i forgot ok well be right there hang on"


me and harry ran and as we ran we heard someone call our names HARRY AUBREY 

we looked around and heard it again HARRY AUBREY  we looked and found Liam,Belen, Louis,Wallis,Megan, and Zayn running really fast trying to catch up to us we stopped and waited they finally caught up breathing heavily, Come on you guys Niall and Alicia are buying the tickets right now and it is already 12:01 so lets go.

   We all started running again we finally got to were Alicia and Niall were they were kissing it looked pretty for reals Liam said. They all ran up and screamed BOO!! me and Niall jumped up and started to laugh as soon as we knew it was them.

   " o hey guys lets go"  We all gave them are tickets and then walked in I got extra cheesy popcorn for us and Extra buttery popcorn. sprite for e and Niall and then they all picked out there own drinks.

We walked into the theater found are self a spot and sat down i layed on Niall's shoulder most of the time . Half way through the movie when the little girl dies and katnise sings. i EXAGGERATED " OH WHAT THE HELL why did they have to kill the little girl"

    " Hey babe it is almost over and it is a movie he said playing with my darkish brown hair.

    " I know bu..."

I got stopped from a kiss...


After the movie we all were just walking around outside chasing each other on the water fountain And then we all hopped in the car....

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