A Million Miles Of Love

An ordinary girl is a sister to a famous brother named Liam Payne who is in a band called One direction this book contains 5sos and one direction these 2 girls are very close best friends Aubrey and Alicia and they soon fall in love with a irish blonde, and a curllied hair goof they are falling for eachother when Alicias old high school friends come back Ashton Calum Michael and Luke Ashton and Alicia used to like eachother now that they are back again Ashton might have feelings for Alicia even though Alicia is dating Niall. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read more. dont forget i love you all you read vote comment and like my book thank you to all!!!!!!!


43. Awake and headach


     "shh shes sleeping i woke up hearing Ashton saying walking into the room with Niall and Aubrey they sat down and Niall cuddled with me they started watching watching Austin and ally i turned over and faced Niall i leaned into his chest and said "i am awake you know i said looking up "morning he said with a deep irish voice i started watching the show with them and cuddled between Aubrey and Niall when the show was over they stretched and sat up just sitting there "weres break fast i asked and they all looked back "you are awake babey "yeah i am and i have a pounding headache and i am hungry now feed me i said smiling a half smile.


  Niall left the room to get me aspirin and water and Aubrey left to go get me my breakfast after they left Ashton and i were watching spongebob and we laughed i sat u and started messing with his hair " you know ash your hair still has got the fluff. "yup and i like it like that he said laughing. " you ever shave or change your hair i kill you i said sarcastically putting my hand on my head cause my head hurt.


   "here you go me love Niall said handing me the aspirin and water i took the medicine and drank the water i put the water on the night stand and then sat up and walked out of the room with the rest of them i sat at the table and ate breakfast. after breakfast i sat and just texted some friends. then when my headache went away i went down to the clique and just sat there at the peir of the boat with Niall. we laughed at some weird things but then i layed on his shoulder and we stared at the water. 


    all of a sudden we heard screaming and Louis and Liam wee spraying us with water guns we laughed " hey big bro imma get you i said staring at him smirking. "whatever you guys wanna go play paintball with us later. " sure we said laughing and then got up and walked with the others and radomly squirted water at everyone we saw.

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