Railway friends

Most people can't write short stories, they can only write long and detailed one's. But I'm an exception, i can't write long and detailed stories, I've tried many times but failed. One thing a can do is write (in my opinion) very good short stories. This story I wrote is about a girl who boarded a train alone, but left with a friend.


1. Railway friends

I stood on the cold, dusty platform, waiting for my train to arrive. It pulled into the station and I seemed to be the only one boarding. I sat down and sipped my rapidly cooling coffee. I stared out of the window and started to day dream.


“Ticket please.” The voice made me jump and I turned to look at who had spoken. It was the guard. I stared for a while, my brain processing what he had said. I blinked and then handed over my ticket. He checked it and gave it back, a warm smile on his face. He started to walk away when I realized I had drunken the rest of my coffee. I asked him if I could get another. He smiled at me and said I could. He then walked off. I wondered where he was going; staring after him I walked back to my seat and sat down. I started to day dream again.


I heard someone approach, I looked round to see the guard. He set something on my table and smiled. It was a piping hot cup of fresh coffee. I brought out my purse to pay for it but he just shook his head and said “it’s fine, I paid for it.” I smiled and said “thank you urm…“

“James,” he said. “Thank you James,” I said, my smile reaching my eyes. He smiled back and walked away. I sipped my coffee, trying not to burn my tong and wondered about James.


Sometime later, about half an hour I think, I decided to go find him and have a chat. I stood up and walked into the next carriage, throwing my paper cup into the bin as I past. I found him in the third carriage, playing on his phone. He must have heard me approach because he quickly tucked his phone into his pocket and looked up. When he saw me he smiled and I smiled back. “What are you doing here?” he asked “lost you’re ticket?” he joked. I smiled and shook my head “just fancied a chat,” I said. He gestured to the seat opposite him. I sat down and started talking. He just nodded and smiled. I stopped talking and looked at him “are you all right with this?” I asked. “I don’t mind a little chat,” he said. “I mean are you all right with talking… well listening to me ramble on is what it’s more like.” He laughed slightly and shook his head. “Right, I’ve talked enough, you can talk now,” I said. “I have nothing to talk about,” he insisted. “Well you can talk about your family or something,” I said. “Fine,” he said, a smile creeping across his face. Started telling me about his childhood and where he grew up, I came completely entranced in his story. Over this conversation we became good friends.  My stop came at last but I couldn’t get up and leave. He must of noticed that i was trying to tare myself away from are conversation to get of the train, but I couldn't. He smiled and looked out of the window “You do realize this is the last stop right?” he said “I have to get off too.” I smiled and picked up my bag. “Well then, we better go then, before were kicked off.” He smiled and we left the train station together.

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