Unsent Letters.

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  • Published: 6 May 13
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Blurb Charlotte is the girl whom you walk past every single day, without noticing. She is the girl who loves you, tries to say 'Hi' or even 'Bye', but you ignore her. She holds her feelings back when you enter the shop with a girl. She is the Flower shop seller, and you buy flowers from her every month. She waits.. She writes letters to you. But never sends them. Once, one letter slips her grip and you read it. You discover that who you searched was right under your nose. Check out the trailer!

Plot keywords:
love,  harry,  pain,  charlotte,  flowershop,  discovery,  letters
Approx 5 minutes to read
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1. A normal day.

I opened the shop door and entered. In there was a mix of different flowers and everything was decorated in red or pink. I blinked several times and looked at the calendar. 14 February, Valentines Day. I signed and got every light on.

-Charlotte! How are you? - Anna entered the door and hugged me.

-Good and you? – I asked her.

-Normal. I hope Harry asks you today. - She looked at me and started to prepare the shop to be opened.

-Ask me what? Why am I a waste of space or what flowers should he buy Alexandra! - I signed and shook my head.

-You love him, I know you since 4 years. And, we live in the same flat! - She exclaimed and changed water for roses nearby.

-And that means you know who I like? - I laughed and sat down on a chair.

-Yes! - She said and pointed to my writing machine- “That one is not helping you”

-But it’s new! I keep memories in letters or paper! - I said and grabbed my writing machine.

-What letters Charlotte? – Anna asked me, more tenderly.

-Um.. Nothing…- I said. Anna looked at me, but I ignored her.

-Hello! - A man entered the shop and said- “I want roses for my wife. These ones”- he pointed at the white roses.

-Yes, of course – Anna said and picked up 7 roses. “This is 15$” – she said and handed him the roses. “Bye!”

The man pocketed the change and left.

-Charlotte! Look who’s coming! – Anne screamed and pointed at a boy coming.

-Hi! – He said and added – “In hurry, please pick up something for a girl who loves roses”- and laughed.

Anne nudged me and I gave him red flaming roses.

-It is 15$ - I said and picked up the money.

Then, he left.




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