I Don't Care

I moved to a new flat, problem is it's right next door to One Direction's flat. My worst nightmare. They just won't leave me alone, they're constantly flirting with me.


1. The Move

I unpacked the last box of stuff I had and the doorbell went. I sighed. I had just moved out. I went and got it and saw the whole of One Direction standing there. My day just got ten times worse. 

"Um hi? What do ya want?" I grumbled. A 'Directioner' would fan girl in front of them, not me.  I would much rather fan girl in front of Paramore or Evanescence. I raised my eyebrows at them as they argued who was going to say what and first. 

"Hi, I'm Louis." Louis replied, his cheeks blushing slightly. Go away already - I thought. 

"Hi, my name is Sophie and I don't care." I said about to slam the door in their faces. I don't know what makes me hate them so much. 

"Hey, hey." Zayn said keeping the door open with a single hand, wow he's strong. 

"I know who each of you are, but I'm not a directioner, I'm a proud Parawhore." I explained. Paramore are awesome, they beat One Direction any day. They don't need a competition to get famous, they have talent. I don't see why so many girls are obsessed with them, really. 

"Please just give us a chance, we could be good friends." Harry begged. I shook my head. 

"Na-uh." I replied. 

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