Loving Or Hating

Anna was just a typical 19 year old, who enjoyed life. Will it all change when her friend takes her to a book signing and she meets the boy of her dreams or is he juat like the other boys.

That is something for her to find out herself.


4. Worried.

Annas POV: I woke up and turned over. Harry was gone. I quickly got up and went down stairs to find him, yeh that sounds weird going downstairs in just a top with a thong but who cares its my house. I went into the kitchen and got some food then went in to the living room there was Harry eating a bowl of cereal.

'Hey babe, i woke up before you ndidnt want to wake you cause you looked so peaceful'

'aw thanks haz; I said staring at his toned abs.

 'You like' harry said standing up. He had no top on and was in just his boxers.

 'Aha yeh' i said laughing.

 He started walking slowly towards me staring right into my eyes. By now our noses were touching, still looking in each others eyes. He started to lean in but then he wispered

'who wouldnt love this' and went into the kothen to clean his dishes. I just laughed.

 I walked into the kitchen behind him to wash my own dishes. I washed my dish when all of a sudden i felt to warm arms rap around me. I got lifted up and spun around. I got put back on the ground then turned around it was harry. He puckered up his lips meaning he wanted a kiss so i pecked his nose.

'You call that a kiss it was on the nose' i grabbed his face and kissed him passionatly.

 'That better' i said in a cheeky tone.

 'Oh yeh' harry said in a weird voice.

 'Oh i forgot to tell you all the lads are going round to liams house with there girlfriends so we are going if thats ok with you?'

 'Yeh sure, that sounds um great'

 'babe whats wrong' Harry asked wrapping his arms around my waist.

 'What if they dont like me, they might tell managment and not let us be together' harry grapped my chin and looked me in the eyes.


They are going to love you as much as i love you so thats alot. Dont ever think they will hate you, no one can hate you or they'll have me to answer to'

 i give him a kiss in reply 'i love you to harry' he smiled and then i went upstairs to change.

 I put a mini skirt on and a im his top on with a arrow to the right, harry had a matching one saying im hers with a arrow to the left. I put some beach wedges on and put my hair up in a messy ponytail, i then appiled a bit of mascara then i was done. I went down stairs to Harry. 'Ready to go?'

 'Yeh just let me get my jacket and phone' I quickly ran into the living room grabbed my jacket and phone and got into the car with Harry.

'we just need to stop at my place so i can get changed'

 'ok babe' we arrived at Harrys and went inside.

His house was huge, he had so many floors and the rooms were huge. I waited downstairs while harry went up to get changed he came back down and we left to go to liams.

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