Loving Or Hating

Anna was just a typical 19 year old, who enjoyed life. Will it all change when her friend takes her to a book signing and she meets the boy of her dreams or is he juat like the other boys.

That is something for her to find out herself.


1. Will it be fun?

Annas POV: It was just another day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. I wonder what im going to do today? Where will i go? Who will i be with? Just then my phone went off bringing me out of my thoughts.

'Hey anna got some great news be at mine in 10. Oh and where something casual but charming-Becca' Well that's all my questions answered.

 I wonder what the suprise was. Anyway i better get up. I quickly jumped out of bed heading to the bathroom while replying to becca saying ill be there soon. I turned on the shower and started to strip off, then i took my hair out the bobble. I stood there for a moment just looking at my reflection.

 'Huh i wish i was like all the other girls' i sighed to myself.

 Pretty, nice body, big boobs nope nothing like that. I hopped in the shower and quickly washed my body and hair. Once i got out i chose some denim shorts with a ripped look and tank top. With some red converse to top it off. I slipped them on and dryed my hair. I straightened my hair and put a little bit of mascara on. I then grabbed my phone and car keys along with some money incase i needed it. I then left the house and headed to Beccas house. I arrived at Beccas house after a five minute car journey. I quickly locked the car door and headed inside. Yeh i know sounds strange just walking into her house like that. Its not like we dont know each other, ive known her since i was like what 4. We,ve grew up together and been and done everything together.

'Becca' i called out 'im up here AA' she shouted back.

I walked up the stairs and into her bedroom, she was standing finishing off her hair. She had brown high waisted shorts and a tank top like mine on with black vans.

'so where we going' i asked

'well it is supposed to be a surprise for when we get there but ill just tell you cause i dont want you to be freaking out in public' she answered.

I wonder what it is. 'Ok go on' 'well i got us green bands to go to a one direction book signing.''Omg omg seriously i cant believe this ahhhh i dont have the books and that though?' I ansered abit to excited. 'You do now' she said handing me the one direction book and their cd. 'Ahh i love you becca' 'i love you to aa now lets get going or we'll be late!' Becca got her stuff and then we left. We walked towrds my car and got in.


I actually cant believe this is happening. Will it be fun? I hope so.

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