Loving Or Hating

Anna was just a typical 19 year old, who enjoyed life. Will it all change when her friend takes her to a book signing and she meets the boy of her dreams or is he juat like the other boys.

That is something for her to find out herself.


5. Truth Or Dare.

Annas POV: While in the car What makes you beautiful came on. Harry started singing his part and I joined in at the chorus. The song finished and all we could do was laugh. A couple of minutes passed and we arrived at Liam's house. His house was huge to. He had purple and yellow flowers planted in his front garden which made it look pretty. Harry knocked on the door and Danielle answered soon followed by Loki their dog. 'Hey come on in' Danielle said. We walked in the house and it had pictures along the wall of all the boys, some of Liam and Danielle and a couple of Loki. 'Come and sit down then Anna' harry called as he sat down 'ok em sorry' I said as I went and curled up next to harry. 'what should we all do' zayn asked. 'EEEAAAAATTTT' niall screamed as he ran to the kitchen, coming back with packets of crisps and sweets with a bottle of coke. We all just laughed. 'Truth or dare maybe' Louis asked us, everyone nodded, so I just nodded. 'niall you start, truth or dare' Liam asked niall. 'dare' niall tried to say with crisps stuffed in his mouth. Louis and Liam whispered for a bit then Liam said ' we dare you to... go stand outside with only boxers on and scream im a sex god as loud as you can' 'ok' niall said with out any arguments. We all ran to the window as niall screamed as loud at he could 'im a sex god' over and over again. we soon seen paparazzi coming so niall ran back in and put his clothes on. ' well that's a great look for the fans' I said making everyone laugh. 'right harry truth or dare' niall asked harry. 'dare' harry said. 'I dare you to go outside and I will tell you the rest when you are out there' niall said. without another word harry ran outside, once he was there we all went to the window. ' I dare you... to kiss the next girl that passes' 'what' harry said looking at me. 'you heard now do it' I was scared because no one knew me and harry were together they knew he liked me but they don't know we got together. A couple of minutes later a girl with bleach blonde hair and had so much makeup on that she looked like a clown and was wearing a top that you could see her boobs in. ' that one there go on harry' niall screamed ' don't be such a chicken' Louis and zayn chanted. harry looked at me and give me a questioning look . I just shrugged. Louis and zayn were still chanting and harry started walking slowly over to the girl watching me. He grabbed her waist pulling her in like he does to me and kissed her passionately. The girl took a while to figure out what was happening and joined in. Harry smiled threw the kiss. Minutes passed and they were still kissing. I was just standing there shocked. So shocked that I ran out,I ran out liams house passed harry to where I don't know but I just didn't stop. I could hear harry behind me calling my name. By now I had tears running down my face. I tripped and was about to fall but I caught my balance. I quickly looked behind and realised no one was there and I was far from liams house. I got out my iPhone and called a taxi. About 5 minutes later the taxi turned up and dropped me off home.
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