Loving Or Hating

Anna was just a typical 19 year old, who enjoyed life. Will it all change when her friend takes her to a book signing and she meets the boy of her dreams or is he juat like the other boys.

That is something for her to find out herself.


2. The note that changed my life.

We arrived and got out the car. There were screaming fans everywhere.

 'I cant believe this is happening' i shouted to becca even though she probably couldnt hear cause of all the screaming.

 'well believe it. Or and remeber be calm when you speak to them' becca said laughing.

I rolled my eyes and we carried on walking to get in line. Becca wanted us to come past the time so that we could be last and get more time with them. We got to the line and there was around ten people in front of us. The sercurity guard put a sign behind us saying no one else could go after us. I got my video camera out ready to record to show all my friends and and family. We were nearly there and a girl fainted just infront of us. Me and becca were laughing because of Niall face when she fell

'Ahahaha have you seen his face, hes so shocked!' I said to becca laughing as she nodded and laughed along.

It was now becca that means its me next. Becca went up to liam first and he give her a hug. Then it was louis and he give her a kiss on the cheek and she gave him a stuffed teddy bear because he was her favourite. Then it was zayn and she held his hand. Next up for her was niall he give her a wink and she blushed. Then she was up to harry. Aww the harry styles. She got a hug off him and they handed her her stuff and she waited there for me. Now its me.


 'hi liam' 'hi' 'how are you' 'im good thanks you' ' yeh thanks' i hugged him then went on to louis.

'Hiya lou' 'hi babe, hows you' ' im good thanks you' 'same old same old' he kissed me on the cheeck and i moved on to zayn.

 'Vas happening zayn' 'ahaha hi' ' how are you' 'great thanks you' 'good, you and perrie doing well ' yeh thanks for asking' 'your welcome' zayn hugged me and i went on to niall.

 ' hello niall' 'hi cupcake' 'cupcake eh, you going to eat is' 'i will in the end so hurry up!' 'Aha' niall hugged me and i went on to harry. Awww harry styles. Harry harry styles.

' uhm hi harry' harry looked up slowly while writing. 'Hi.. uhh hey gorgeus' 'aha thanks, how are you' i said blushing 'was good but great now since your here' 'aha thankyou' i hugged harry and he give me a kiss on the cheek i felt something get put in my pocket. I grabbed my stuff and as i walked away i pulled it out my pocket it was a note that said: your the most beautiful person i have ever laid my eyes on. You have the best personality. Call me someday *numbers* - hazzer xxx i turned around to see all the boys smirking at me. Harry winked and i blushed.

He mouthed 'i love it when you blush' 'thanks' i mouthed back. I turned around and walked away with becca.

'ahhhh that was amazing i cant believe i just met one direction' i screeched

'not only did you meet them one likes you alot!!' '

Ahhhh' does he really mean those things? I hope he does. Is this one note going to change my life forever?

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