Loving Or Hating

Anna was just a typical 19 year old, who enjoyed life. Will it all change when her friend takes her to a book signing and she meets the boy of her dreams or is he juat like the other boys.

That is something for her to find out herself.


3. Forgiven.

'Are you going to call him then'

'i dont know, he probably does it all the time and then breaks their heart'

'anna he seems better then that, go on just give him a call, he might be sitting there waiting, he's the right one for you, go on you have one chance dont blow it'

 'fine ill do it when we get back, but only cause you want me to'

We got in the car and started driving back to my house. Should i call him? Or should i just leave it? Hes probably forgot about me, most boys do. We got out the car and went in the house. 'Want a drink becca'

 'yeh ill get it you need to call harry' she walked into the kitchen and started pouring a drink.

 I picked up my phone and dialled the number off the note.. beep beep beep beep. 'Hello' his deep voice sounded threw the phone

hi, im the girl you give the note to'

 'heyy gorgeos, im glad you called.'

 ' aha so am i now'

'wanna get a coffee or something'

'yeh that'll be great'

'ok pick you up at 6, text me your address'

'will do, see you later' 'bye babe' i hung up the phone.

 I walked over to the kitchen, poured my drink and sat down on the couch next to becca.

 'Sooo how'd it go' becca asked

'i have uh date'

'arrww AA thats great what time?'

'Hes picking me up at six, that reminds me i need to text him the address'

 i picked up my phone and texted him.

'omg AA we need to go shopping and buy you are outfit'

 'ill just wear something out my wardrobe'

'no we are going shopping and thats final' becca said standing up passing me the car keys.

We walked to the car and i started to drive. Once we arrived at the shopping centre, we went in a few shops, then we past a dress shop.

 'Come on AA lets go in here' becca said grabbing my arm and dragging me in to look at all the dresses.

 'What about this one' becca said holding up a red tight dress, with silver jewels around the heart shaped top.

 'Not me'

'coarse its you come on' we went into the changing room.

 I slipped on the red dress and opened the curtain.

'What do you think' i asked becca hoping she would say it doesnt look right and choose another.

''You look amazing, slip it off and ill get it for you.

'No becca i can pay myself i have money you know'

'my treat, after this we need to get you back and ill do you hair and make up!'

Becca payed and we left the shops and drove home. Becca did my hair and makeup she told me to slip on the dress and she passed me some black heels to top it off.

 'Go look' becca told me. I walked over to my mirror and just looked at my self. My blonde hair was in low curls. I had natural makeup on, with some bright red lipstick. My dress fit nicely and the shoes went well.

'AA its nearly six, lets go down stairs and wait' We sat on the chair and waited for harry. It was now 6:30 and Harry wasnt here. I called and texted him but he didnt answer. It was now 8 and he still wasnt here.

 'Becca you can leave im just going to go to bed hes not going to come'

'are you sure you dont want me to stay'

' no really go its fine' 'ok call me in the morning, alright'

'yeh, see you later' becca left the house and i shut the door behind me.

 He blew me off. Why would he do that?. I told becca he wasnt going to be the right one and yeh he isnt. I sat down on the sofa and finished my drink from before. I slipped in Pitch Perfect and started watching some of that. Still in my dress cause i cant be bothered to take it off. The movie had just finished and it was now 10:30. So i got off the sofa and went up the stairs to bed. Just when i was about to take my dress of the doorbell went. I wonder who it could be? I opened the door to see harry.

'Anna im soo sorry'

 'drop the act Harry i knew you wouldnt turn up, i knew i would put loads of effort in my outfit and you wouldnt turn up, i knew you werent the one even though Becca said you were. How could you, you blew me off. I thought you liked me. I thought i liked you.'

'Anna im sorry, we can go out now. Im sorry you went threw all this effort and i didnt show up on time. Im sorry that you look so gorgeous and i blew you off. Im sorry im such a idiot. Im sorry for everything.' Harry said looking really upset.

'Screw it, why dont you go and ask Taylor for a coffee and take her instead im sure you'll have more fun with her'


 'why me, why does this always happen to me' by now i was in tears.

 I collapsed to the floor snd Harry had a tear running down his face. He picked me up and brought me inside. He placed me one the couch and sat down next to me. I was still crying, for some reason i couldnt stop.

'shhh its alright baby, shh im here' harry said calmly.

He put his arm around me and i lay down in his lap.

' i wont let these lottle things slip out of my mouth. But if i do its you. Oh its you they add up to and im in love with you and all your little things' harry sang to me calming me down.

 I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

 'Im sorry Anna, do you forgive me'

' *sniffle* I forgive you harry' i smiled formed on harrys lips as he leaned in closer.

We were now just centermetres away. Are we going to kiss? Do i want to kiss him?

'harry' i said but before i could finish my sentance his lips crashed onto mine.

 Our lips moved perfectly in sync. I pulled away and smiled at him. He smiled back. Just then he leaned in again and crashed his lips back on mine. The kiss lasted a couple of minutes. He pulled away for a breath and so did i.

'I think I love you anna I know its soon but will you be my girlfriend' harry asked.

Should I? did he rally just ask that?

'I think I love you to harry styles and I would love to' I said. he give me a peck on the lips and we went up stairs to bed.

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