This I promise you -Niall horan love story-

“Mom I’ll be fine! There will be tons of other girls there already! Il text you if something changes!” My mom was such a worry wart. Especially today, because today was the day that I was going to be camping outside the Wal-Mart in down town Toronto to meet One Direction.


7. 7. I should've kissed

The van pulled into my driveway and we all started to unbuckle our seat belts. Zayn was out of the van first and Niall was last making sure that I got out ok.

“Ok so my mum may be a little protective, and you will know if she doesn’t like you because she will get very, very polite. But if she is just very sarcastic and tries to make conversation then you should be good” That was my warning for my mom and now for my dad.

“And my dad is a pretty laid back guy, but he may try to look tough and he can if he wants to because he is 6’6 and when he deepens his voice he gets a little intimidating. But really it’s my mom who is the protective one. I do have a brother but he may be at his friend’s house down the road, but if he is home he will just try to hang out with you guys because you’re older and will want to impress you, so just go along with it” They all nodded their heads showing that they were listening and laughed at some of the things I said.

“Is it alright if Paul comes too, I’m sure he would love a home cooked meal, and don’t think he would like to just leave us here, he is very protective too” Laughed Liam.

“Oh yeah that is totally fine him and my dad I’m sure will get along great” I answered then turned around and started walking towards the house with the boys. Niall standing beside me but just a little behind me and the rest of the boys were in a line.

I wasn’t rich, but I would say I had a pretty nice house. We had 5 acres of property so that we had room for our two horses and two ducks. And in the middle of the property was a red bungalow, which had a porch on the front that spread along the front of the house and a huge garden in the front yard. In the middle of the driveway there was an island for the turn around and my dad’s truck was parked beside it, and my mom’s nice truck was parked in the garage. The boys all commented on how nice the outside of my house was. We got to the front door and I opened it and there was my mom and dad standing in the kitchen talking. They both turned towards the door when they heard it open. I gave them a grin of excitement then walked completely into the house so the rest of the boys could come in.

“Hi mom, hi dad” I gave them a waved then waited for everyone to come in so I could introduce them. “This is Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Paul”

“Hello boys, I’m Dave” Said my dad, thank goodness he wasn’t using his deep work voice, and I think he would like the boys, now it was my mom who I still had to worry about.

“Hello Dave” All the boys immediately answered in unison. Their voices sounded so perfect when they all spoke at once.

“You have a beautiful home” Said Niall, oh good he was going the extra mile to make a good impression. I’m sure my mum would like that.

“Hi boys, my names Lisa” Finally my mom answered. Yes, she sounded normal this could be a good night.

They all answered and then we took of our shoes and headed into the kitchen. The main level of my house was very open; the kitchen was massive and had a gorgeous island in the middle with a slab of granite on top. Then there was the stairs that led downstairs, it also served as a little bit of a separation between the kitchen and the family room. The family room was full of my mom’s antique furniture that she loved so much, and then there was a hallway that led to the sewing room, bathroom, guest bedroom and the master bedroom. All of those doors were closed except for the bathroom. Because I’m sure they weren’t spotless and there wasn’t any need for anyone to go in there anyways so it was fine.

On the island my dad had a made a platter of fruits and vegetables for everyone to snack on until dinner was ready.

“Is Hunter home?” I asked, I finally noticed that he had not come upstairs and he would have if he had heard all the commotion.

“He’s at Noels down the street, but he should be home shortly” I nodded my head and watched as the boys were still looking around the room. Niall was standing on the other side of the island with Harry but he was still watching me as I moved throughout the kitchen.

“So is everyone all right with chicken fajitas?” My asked eagerly.

“Oh yes, those are our favourite!” Replied Liam eagerly. All the boys faces light up when he said fajitas.

My dad gave a little chuckle then continued cooking.

“So how long are you boys in town for” My mom asked

Paul answered “We are in town for the rest of the week then we head off to Montreal”

My mom nodded her head then went over to my dad to see if she needed any help. But not long after she turned to me and suggested that I gave them a tour of the rest of the house. I nodded in agreement then motioned to the boys to follow me. We started down the hallway upstairs showing them where the bathroom was and the rest of the rooms without opening the doors. We then turned around and headed downstairs to where mine and my brothers rooms were.

My basement was not finished yet, but that was a goal to get done this year. Thankfully my room was the only room finished with carpets and a ceiling. I showed them the living room where we had two couches, a chair, a coffee table and a big screen TV. Then we walked around the corner to the game room, where we had all of our video games and the air hockey table. We turned around again and headed toward the bedrooms, thankfully my brother’s room was clean for once so I was able to show them that without being embarrassed. Then it was time to show them my room. I was a little nervous, I didn’t know if this was going to be awkward or not.

We stepped into my room and they took a look around. I thought I had a pretty stylish bedroom. Three of the walls were lime green and then the other was navy blue, there was a small white desk right beside the door, beside the desk there was a tall white dresser with some little ornaments on it. Then opposite that was my bed that had green blankets and navy blue pillows the match the rest of my room, and a few feet away from the end of my bed was my other dresser that had a tall mirror attached to it and all my hair and jewellery stuff on it. And I was also a huge Justin Bieber fan so all around my mirror was little pictures and stickers of Justin Bieber.

The boys all came into my room and Harry and Louis fell onto my bed and layed there, Liam took a seat at my desk chair and Zayn took a spot on my bean bag chair that I had sitting in the corner. I went to my bed and took a seat on my pillows and Niall sat on the floor right beside me.

“So what do you got playing in your stereo?” Zayn had noticed my stereo was sitting on the end of my dresser, and he got to his knees and went to look over at.

“Umm, if you just hit the play button it will play and you’ll figure it out real quick” I said with a giggle. I was listening to their album “Up all Night”

Zayn hit play and their song “Everything about you” started playing, they all started laughing and I started blushing.

“How did I not know this would be playing?” Laughed Harry, Zayn turned the music down so that we could still hear it but we could still have a conversation.

“So after today, what happens? Is this like the last day I’m going to see you guys?” I didn’t want to be the one to bring down the mood but I knew I had to ask sometime. It was driving me crazy thinking that I would never see any of them again.

“Well we leave on Friday and then we go to Montreal, when does your school end?” Niall asked, and he looked very desperate when he did. It was the middle of June so school would be over in about two weeks

“School will be over in about two weeks” I almost forgot that the rest of the boys were in the room, I was only looking at Niall and he hadn’t taken his eyes off me.

“Well I will talk to Paul later and then we will see” Niall responded quickly then glanced over at the rest of the boys.

“MacKenzie!” It was my mom. “Can you go put the horses away and feed them please?”

“Yeah I’ll be right there” I hollered back.

I started to get up and the rest of the boys followed.

“Do you guys want to come? It’s fine if you don’t I’ll only be a few minutes” I was really hoping that one of them would want to come with me. I always loved showing people my horses and ducks.

Harry and Niall said they would come and the rest decided to stay inside. Zayn, Liam and Louis went upstairs into the kitchen and started talking with Paul and my parents. Harry, Niall and I went into the garage and out into the backyard.

“Garth!” I yelled over to my horse and he called back to me. Niall and Harry chuckled as they watched Garth come over to fence.

“So this is my boy Garth, and the one over there is my mom’s horse his name is Dexter” I pointed out to Dexter who was standing at the other end of the pen. Then I turned to my left and opened the ducks door.

“And this is Edgar and Wilbur!” The ducks started quacking in excitement when they heard there names being called. The boys stuck their hands in their cage and gave them a little pat in the head.

I walked into the horses pens and called them both over and guided them into their stalls. Once they were both in, Niall and Harry felt a little more comfortable to come over and pat them. I told them I would be right back that I just needed to go and get them some hay. They nodded their heads and I left them alone.

I walked into the hay shelter grabbed a few flakes then started to walk back to the stalls when I heard Niall and Harry talking. I stopped for just a minute, I felt a little bad eaves dropping in on their conversation but if it was about me I wanted to know what they were saying.

“Harry, I have to see her again, do you think Paul will let us?” Asked Niall, I had missed the first part of the conversation so this part wasn’t making much sense to me.

“Well if we tell him that Danielle and Eleanor can come as well, then maybe he will.” Harry was sounding very caring; it was cute how brotherly they were with each other. But what did Danielle and Eleanor have to do with Niall seeing me again? I was confused so I just made some noise to let them know I was on my way back into the stalls. When I came in Niall was leaning against the wall, and Harry was patting Garths forehead. Garth really seemed to be enjoying it. I through the hay into Garths stall then Dexter’s said good night then closed the door. It was really dark outside and the stars were very bright. All of a sudden Harry yelled.

“Ahh, it’s so dark!” And ran like a weirdo back into the house leaving me and Niall standing on the deck alone.

“It’s a beautiful night” I said looking up at the stars.

“Yeah, beautiful” He said, but from the corner of my eye I noticed that he wasn’t looking at the stars, but me.

“So what happens now” I finally turned and faced him, I knew that since we were alone I might get a straight answer out of him.

“I have something planned, but I can’t tell you yet because it not for sure. But all I know is, this isn’t the last time that I am going to see you” He was looking deep into my eyes and I felt his hand reach for mine. My heart started racing as he took a step towards, our chests almost touching, he took his hand and gently swept my hair out of my face. He started to lean in when there was a knock on the window. It made me jump, I was so lost in his eyes I forgot the world around me. I looked towards the window and there was my mom standing there motioning me and Niall to come inside.

“Sorry about that” I said quickly as awkwardly headed inside.

“It’s alright” He held the door for me and we headed back inside the house, I took a breath hoping that my face wasn’t to red.

“Everybody come and get it!” My dad said. He had the island covered with food to put on our fajitas the smell was overwhelming when we walked through the door.

No one hesitated to go and get there food, we all took a spot at the table, Niall across from me and Harry beside me and my mom on the other side of me. It was quiet for a few minutes because everyone was too busy eating there delicious food. My dad was chuckling and shaking his head as he looked around the table at the boys who were obviously just loving their home cooked meals. All of a sudden Paul’s phone went off; he excused himself from the table and went down the hallway to answer it. A few minutes later he came back to the table.

“Boys we have to get going here in about 5 minutes, just found out that early in the morning you have a photo-shoot to go and do” The boys all looked sad then quickly finished eating. They cleaned off their plates then put them in the sink and started putting on their shoes and coats. They politely thanked my dad for the lovely meal and my mom for her hospitality. It was about 10:30 so my parents went into their room and left me and left me to say my goodbye’s to the boys. I said goodbye and thank you to Paul, and he then left to go and start up the van. Louis came over first and gave me a big hug.

“Bye love” He said.

“Aww, bye Louis”

Then Zayn came over and gave me a hug said good bye then let Liam in for his hug as well. After they hugged me they left to go to the van. Harry gave me a great big hug and thanked me for inviting them to dinner. I said it was no problem then he left the house with a wave and then it was just me and Niall.

“Before we leave Toronto, I will come and see you. I promise.” He leaned in for a hug and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed just like he did before and then walked out the front door. I went and stood on the porch and watched as he got into the van, the window slid open and I saw five hands and Harry’s head sticking out the window waving goodbye. I waved good bye then they drove off down the drive way and I kept waving until they were out of sight. I gave a heavy sigh then headed back into the house, locked the doors, turned out the lights then headed downstairs to my room. I turned on my stereo then flopped onto my bed. And how convenient the song that was playing. “More than This” I gave one last look at my phone and noticed that I got a text from Niall, I read it aloud and it made me shiver, it read.

I promise.

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