This I promise you -Niall horan love story-

“Mom I’ll be fine! There will be tons of other girls there already! Il text you if something changes!” My mom was such a worry wart. Especially today, because today was the day that I was going to be camping outside the Wal-Mart in down town Toronto to meet One Direction.


6. 6. Today was a fairytale

I could not sleep last night, I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas morning. Except I was sure that today was going to be way better then Christmas Eve. So I woke at 7:00 knowing that in a few more hours Niall and the rest of the boys were coming to get me. I got in the shower and took about an hour and half long shower making sure that I was spotless. I went to my closet and picked out my cutest outfit. I decided to wear my favourite pair of jeans that I looked wonderful in, and a white V-neck t-shirt with my lucky lilac scarf. Then I went and straightened my hair until it was pin straight. I have never been the girl to wear makeup so all that I put on was a little bit of mascara to make my very long eye lashes look even longer. It was now 9:30 and I had my One Direction cd cranked in my room, I was listening to “More than This” and as soon as Niall’s solo came on I got goose bumps. I was going to be hanging out with the boy behind that gorgeous voice. I was going to be hanging out with the boy of my dreams. I was jumping around my room and belting out the lyrics, when I turned to see my mom standing in the doorway.

“Oh my goodness, well you look cute” My mom was so stylish, so when she told me I looked good, that meant I actually did look good.

“Thanks, he should be here soon. This is going to be the greatest day of my life mom” I fell on my bed and looked up at my ceiling with a big grin on my face.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, I shot up and looked at my clock it was 10:00 it was around the time he said he would come and get me. I gave out a shriek of excitement and ran upstairs. Before I reached the door I calmed myself down, patted down my hair and calmly walked towards the door. It was so difficult not running to it like a maniac. I opened the door to see Paul standing in my doorway.

“Hi Paul” He gave me a small smile then responded.

“We better get going because we cannot be late for any of these interviews, and the boys wanted to grab something to eat, so let’s get going” He meant business, he was actually quite intimidating but I could see that he was a sweet man.

“Alright” I turned and stuck my head in the house and hollered to my mom that I had to go. She came running upstairs and gave me a big hug then whispered in my ear.

“Good luck” I looked at her to see her smiling, I gave her one last hug then went out the door with Paul.

As we got closer and closer to the van I got more and more butterflies in my stomach. I had been in there before but that doesn’t mean I was at all used to it. He reached the van and Paul opened the door and I was greeting with smiling faces and Niall holding out a coffee for me.

“MacKenzie! Good morning!” He had the cutest smile that could make anybody in the room smile.

“Aww, thank you. Morning boys” I climbed into the van and sat down beside Niall and took a sip of my coffee.

“We were thinking of going to Tim Horton’s for breakfast, is that alright? And we will go through the drive through so there isn’t any miss haps with the fans” I let out a sigh of relief that made Niall chuckle.

“Yeah I love Timmies so that is just fine with me” I sat back and took a glance out my window, it was a foggy morning but the sun was trying to peak its way through the clouds.

Everyone had a coffee in their hand and looked like they were in their own little worlds. Liam was on his phone probably texting his girlfriend out tweeting to his Directioners. Zayn had his heading leaning on the side of the window eyes closed and taking sips of his coffee every now and then. Harry was looking out the window with a smile on his face and now and then glanced over at Niall and smiled some more. And Louis was talking to Paul who was sitting in the passenger seat. Of course they were sitting in front of me and Niall, so I hadn’t taken a look at Niall. I glanced sideways only to see Niall smiling at me.

“What?” I giggled.

“Nothing, you just look really nice today” He smiled then shied away when he blushed. I did the same. Niall was so sweet; he was such a down to earth person. They all were. I knew they were down to earth but I didn’t think they acted like this at all.  It was sort of relieving to know that, that they weren’t all stuck up and high on their horses.

“Oh turn up the tunes!” Louis suddenly yelled with excitement and Paul obediently turned up the music and Louis started dancing. I wasn’t really paying attention to it until I finally hear it. Louis was getting all excited about his own song “What Makes You Beautiful”. I gave a giggle then continued to watch his little performance. Harry started mouthing the words and was almost seducing Zayn as he slowly woke up. Niall was laughing his amazingly contagious laugh and I started to giggle and joined in on their little dance fest. I and Niall started rocking back in forth in sync and everyone in the vehicle was laughing and smiling. Harry’s solo finally came on and he was lip syncing the words and looking at me while he sung, when he sung “The way that you get your hair gets me overwhelmed” I flipped my hair and Niall started laughing like a maniac. The song finally came to an end and as it did we pulled into the Tim Horton’s parking lot.

“Hi welcome to Tim Horton’s what can I get you” Asked a female voice.

Paul turned and looked towards us wanting to know what we wanted.

“I’ll have a medium caramel Ice Cap supreme” I always got that when I went so it wasn’t a hard decision for me.

“Liam and I will have a large double double, eh!” Harry attempting his Canadian accent was too funny.

“Il have what MacKenzie is having” Answered Niall. I looked down and gave a cute smile.

“Il has a toasted bagel with butter!” Said Louis as he scrolled through his phone.

“And I just have a tea double milk double sugar” Said Zayn sleepily.

Paul repeated all of that into the box and we moved towards the next window. We got our orders one by one and finally left the parking lot and were officially on our way to the interviews.

“Isn’t it good?” I looked at Niall but I already knew the answer by the look on his face. He just nodded his head and gave me a sweet smile.

About 10 minutes later we were in down town Toronto and pulling up to a large building. Before we turned the corner I heard a familiar buzz. More fans. I got a little tense and Niall put his hand over mine. We finally turned the corner and there they were. Hundreds of screaming girls standing at the side of the building with several policemen holding them back. But not with much luck when the girls saw our van. They started to push and shove trying to make their way to the van. The driver of the van locked the doors for obvious reasons. We stopped as close to the door as possible.

“Ok boys you know the drill, you can touch some hands but if things get to crazy you go straight inside” Paul had his serious face on again. He gave every one of us a glance then stepped out of the car. The sound of the screams was overwhelming and I put my hands over my ears. Harry handed me a set of ear plugs and the rest of the boys put theirs in and Paul opened the back door and one by one they all stepped out. Niall got out of the van before me and before he fully stepped out he reached his hand back to grab mine. I took and stepped out of the van. Cameras were flashing everywhere and girls were holding out papers and pens and stuffed animals wanting the boys to take them or sign them. Niall and I were still holding hands and girls were starting to take notice, cameras were starting to really flash in my direction. And as we passed they were asking.


Neither Niall nor myself answered we just smiled and kept going. We finally made it back inside the radio station in one piece, but still inside there were some girls who had obviously won the chance to be inside the radio station. Niall let go of my hand and walked over to the girls gave some hugs, said hi and signed a few cd. Me and Liam were the first to go into a little area with table and chairs so we both took a seat and let out a sigh.

“So how are you?” Asked Liam politely.

“I’m really good, thanks again for inviting me to come with you guys” I said with a smile.

“No problem, it was really all Niall’s idea, he wanted you to come along so much. He would not stop asking, we were all very willing obviously but he was definitely not taking no for an answer!” I smiled at the thought that Niall talked about me.

“He’s a really nice guy, you are all I’m really lucky to have met you all”

“Thank you. Also if you hadn’t noticed, he really fancies you, like a lot” He had this cute smirk on his face as he explained this to me. “When we got back to the hotel last night he did nothing but talk about you”

I was still giggling like an idiot, because I couldn’t find the words to speak. I looked up and Liam motioned that Niall was on his way over so obviously we were finished talking about it. Niall came over and put his hand on my shoulder and Harry came down and took a seat beside me. We were all talking when a lady came over to talk to the boys.

“Hi boys, so nice to have you all. So we will be ready to go on the air in 5 minutes so if we could head into the room we could set up.” She was very polite and looked very eager to talk to the boys.

They all nodded their heads and stood up and followed her into the room, except Niall he held back for just a minute to talk about me.

“If you go with Paul you can go over there and listen to the interview if you want, so it’s not so boring over here” I nodded gave him a hug then went to Paul and he led me into the other room.

Me and Paul took a seat and the interview began shortly after. They were being asked the usual questions that I heard on videos on the internet. Finally they got onto the questions about relationships. Louis and Liam said that they had girlfriends, and then she asked them if they had any celebrity crushes. They were going down the line starting with Zayn and they were going to end with Niall. Niall kept glancing over at me through the window. I knew he would have to answer who his celebrity crush was, so I knew he couldn’t be jealous so I waited patiently for his answer.

“And what about you Niall, who is your celebrity, crush?” Asked the interviewer.

“Honestly, I don’t have a celebrity crush” My heart started to race when he said that.

“Yeah, but he does have a crush on someone” Laughed Harry and Louis.

Niall elbowed Louis who was standing right beside him.

“Oh, and would you mind telling us who it is?” Even the interviewer was now glancing in the window at me.

“She is a wonderful girl, she has beautiful blue eyes and an amazing personality” His face had now turned ten different shades of red. And so had mine. I wasn’t too sure if he was for sure talking about me, but when he talked about the girl having blue eyes It sort of linked it to being me. The interview lasted another few minutes then they finally got to come out and Niall came over to me followed by Harry.

“So who’s your crush?” I asked as flirtatiously as I could.

“Yeah Niall, who is it!?” Harry was teasing him and Niall didn’t know how to answer. He went red then left them room without an answer. I didn’t know what just happened but I ran after him and grabbed his arm.

“Hey, did I say something wrong?” My heart was in my throat, I was feeling like an idiot. I really hoped I didn’t just blow things for myself.

“No not at all. I just didn’t want to tell you that… You were the girl I was talking about in front of Harry” He wasn’t looking at me in the eyes, but I was dying for him too look up so that he could.

“Niall you are the sweetest, and I don’t care if you say anything about us in front of the boys” He was finally looking up and I still had my hand on his arm and I didn’t plan on moving it any time soon. He just gave me a smile then we walked back together to the rest of the boys. Paul told us that it was time to go back and Zayn reminded him that we were supposed to go back to my place for dinner. Paul nodded his head and said that he remembered.

Leaving the building we had to go down a few flights of stairs and as we got closer to the main floor the high pitched buzz of screaming fans got louder and louder. Finally we got to the main floors and we could see that none of the fans had left and they were not going to until they knew the boys were gone and still then it might have been tough to lose them. Going to this van this time with the fans was a little easier this time especially with Niall holding my hand the entire way. We got into the van and it was quiet ride home because we were all tired, even though it was just an interview and I wasn’t even part of it, it still made me tired. But the closer and closer we got to my house the more nervous I got that my parents were about to meet the boys. I texted my mom letting her know that we were on our way over to the house. And she responded with an answer that made me even more nervous.

Mama bear is coming out to play ;)


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