Do You Love Me Or Just Using Me?


1. My Life

Chapter 1 Hi I'm _____ (your name)and when I was 17 changed my life. Like all let me naive captivated by the most coveted college boy, his parents were millionaires and nothing ugly to be honest. I did not know that he would be just one more yourself a new toy. I at least I thought the story of kisses, caresses and details if I fall in love with this guy, I did not think it was part of a bet or something. I fell and repent. After being engaged, I admit I was happy he could be acting teacher of the best. I found out the game, I was the toy and decided to confront him. But not if the game turned into obsession, he was a millionaire and I lived with my father any more and to be true he was alcoholic hair stylist I worked to pay for school. He was cruel, that guy with me had a few calls as his gift of 19 years! if as conventional listen to their parents, and so my father, my father sold me to him. I force myself to be his wife and now I'm on my wedding day with him the guy I bought at age 18. xxx: _____(your name) hurry! We have to be ready not want to ruin anything stupid! -he said this morning...

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