Elena Gray is a student at Harper Academy, school for the (Rich) young. Even though her family doesn't have enough money to send her, Elena's grades are so perfect that she is given a full scholarship. There, she makes fast friends in the school's art club, and choir. But when she bumps into school celebrity Cameron Blake, she runs for the hills. Unfortunately for Elena, Cam falls hard for her. Cameron doesn't normally have to work for girls, but Elena comes with many challenges for the popular boy. Elena doesn't understand how Cam could possibly like her, so can he make her stay long enough to see it?


3. That Girl

~Cam's P.O.V~

I was trying to catch up with my friends, when I saw her turn the corner. But I was going too fast, and my momentum carried me into her.

We fell, and I tried to steady myself by holding on to her wrist.


She fell next to me, and I tried to get up to help her. But she was too fast. I grabbed her bag, trying to find a way to talk to her.

I apologized, and she was totally unresponsive until I wouldn't give her bag back.


I liked her name. It really fit her. She had green eyes, and a pretty face that was framed by her long brown hair. It was a refreshing change from the blondes that usually cornered me.

Did I just call her refreshing?? What is wrong with me?

I had to think of some way to keep talking to her. Elena was just so... beautiful. Even though she was really annoyed with me.

Her nose flared slightly, and she brushed her hair back repeatedly.

She's a sophomore! "I'll see you at lunch, Elena," I called, as she brushed past me through the doorway.

I walked a little ways down the hall, and stopped to watch her leave. She was joined by a short blonde haired girl. I think her name was Jenna or Jesse or something similar. They laughed, and Elena looked back over her shoulder towards me.

I felt my chest swell with pride, and I grinned to myself. Even the ice princess can't resist looking back at me.

Unfortunately, a guy came rushing from behind me, and he called out to the girls. They waved, and Elena's face brightened.

He grabbed her in a hug, and I swear I could have killed him.

What?? I'm Cameron Blake. There's no way I'd like a girl like her. THAT GIRL just ran into me too hard.

I turned and walked briskly away.






~Elena's P.O.V~

"Elena, Jenna!" Matt called, and I waved at him.

He hugged me first, and then Jenna.

"How was that tour?" Matt asked, switching his stuff to his other arm. We started walking, and I followed where they were heading.

"It wasn't that bad. This school is still pretty giant though."

"Tell me about it! I had to get a map all the time because I got lost so often!" Jenna said, laughing and bouncing along beside me.

"But she eventually got it, and now she only gets lost every now and then." Matt said, grinning.

"All the jerks just laughed instead of helping me. But I met Matt and it got better." She smiled.

"Oh, speaking of jerks. I just met one." I smiled wickedly.

"Who?" Matt asked excitedly.

"His name was Cam, and he bulldozed right over me. To top it off, he wouldn't give my bag back until I told him my name."

"You talked to Cam?" Matt got serious.

I nodded, and his face grew grim. "He's bad news. All the girls he dates are blondes that last a few days tops. It's ridiculous that they still want him anyways."

"I'll steer clear of him then." I smiled reassuringly.

Jenna linked arms with me again, and we entered the cafeteria. It was pretty big, with large wooden tables and benches.

"Whoa," I breathed, looking at the line.

"I know, right? It's always crowded." Matt said.

"I'll go get a table for us," Jenna said, and turned towards the crammed room.

Matt grabbed two trays, and pulled me into the line. I pulled a few things onto my plate, and got a cup of water. I don't have much money today, because it's just a tour.

"Hey," a deep voice said from my left.

I ignored it, and pushed my tray as far to the right as I could. Matt rolled his eyes, and kept going down the line.

"Hi, Cam." I said, trying to walk away.

He pulled his tray next to mine as I gave the lunch lady my money for today.

"Do you need something?" I said, trying to put distance between us.

"Nope. I just wanted to talk to you." He said, keeping up with me almost effortlessly.

"What for? Don't you have some idiot blonde to screw with or something?" I spat, spinning to a stop.

"Harsh," he said, looking upset.

"Sorry, I didn't mean that. I don't know why you're bothering to talk to me. I'm not going to give in to you."

"You mean like peer pressure?" He had a smirk on his face, so plain that I started laughing. "What?"

"Nothing, I just think your face right now is kind of-"

Kind of what? I can't believe I was about to say how cute his face is. No need to inflate his ego anymore.

"Kind of....?" He pushed.

"Your face is kind of ridiculous." His face fell slightly.

"Thanks." He said sarcastically, suppressing a grin. "So is yours."

I turned towards Matt, who was sitting at a table with a few other people. He gestured wildly at me to come sit down, and I turned back towards Cam.

"I have to go. See you around... Cam."

I liked saying his name.





































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