Elena Gray is a student at Harper Academy, school for the (Rich) young. Even though her family doesn't have enough money to send her, Elena's grades are so perfect that she is given a full scholarship. There, she makes fast friends in the school's art club, and choir. But when she bumps into school celebrity Cameron Blake, she runs for the hills. Unfortunately for Elena, Cam falls hard for her. Cameron doesn't normally have to work for girls, but Elena comes with many challenges for the popular boy. Elena doesn't understand how Cam could possibly like her, so can he make her stay long enough to see it?


1. Harper Academy

Well, this place doesn't waste time on introductions, I thought to myself, as I walked down the hallway to meet the secretary for a tour.

"Elena," my mother had said. "Because it's such a big school, Harper Academy won't have a huge welcome for you. They're very busy."

She wasn't kidding, as it had turned out. When my parents had dropped me off, the woman at the front desk had asked me name, and sent me on her way. They really don't waste time at this place.

As I was walking down the hallways trying to find the Great Room, (Strange name) the bell rang and students shuffled into the large hallways to their next class. They filled the place with a low buzz that made it feel more alive.

One sophomore stuck his head out of a classroom to call out to another boy who had walked out.

"Jeremy, you're going to have to give it back sometime."

He had dark, straight hair that fell over his forehead- almost effortlessly. He had normal clothes on, but he had little bits of paint on the front of his shirt. His jeans were dark, and he had a good choice in shoes. He was pretty stylish for not trying.

He turned his head and saw my puzzled look before I could stop staring. I tried to apologize. "Sorry I-"

"It's fine, Jere has had my jacket for over three weeks, and he refuses to give it back." He said, with a quick grin.

"Why'd you give it to him in the first place?" I asked, hiding a laugh.

"I didn't! He just took it!"

"That's considered stealing," I told him, with a  serious face.

"He's just a friend though, so I couldn't-"

"Kidding," I told him, laughing finally.

"You're funny," he said. "Name's Matt."

"I'm Elena," I said, shaking his outstretched hand.

"You're probably new, aren't you? I can show you where the Great Room is in just a second."

"Thanks," I said, and followed him into the bright room. It was filled with hundreds of canvases, some blank, and some filled with color and shapes and designs.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Matt said, laughing. "Oh, I forgot to ask. What year of high school are you in?"

"Sophomore," I said, looking at the paints.

"Are you an artist?" He said, picking up a stack of books.

I nodded. "Yeah, I paint a lot at my house."

"That's really cool," Matt said. "Let's go."

He led me out double doors into a tiny courtyard. It had tons of flowers and bushes crammed into the tiny space of a garden, and managed to fit in a few benches. There were teenagers everywhere, and they all talked and laughed.

"It's lunch time for the seniors, and a few of them crash here since they don't have to eat in the cafeteria." Matt explained.

I nodded, and he walked in the building through the single door opposite the art room.

"Matty!" Someone called, in a girly voice.

"Jenna! What's happenin' girl?" He said, turning towards the pretty blonde that just came up to him. She bounced right up and hugged him. Then she turned to me.

"Oh my gosh. Are you new? Welcome to Harper Academy, school for the rich jerks." She said, laughing.

I grinned. "Haven't seen any jerks yet, but I'll keep my eye out." I said, returning her smile.

"Matty, I like her already." She said. "Oh, right. My name's Jenna."

"Elena." I smiled again.

The bell rang again, and she looked at her watch quickly. "Oops, gotta run. I'll see you guys at lunch! Bye Elena!"

She took off towards the doors we had just come through.

"She's pretty hyper today," Matt commented suddenly.

I nodded. "But she seems really awesome."

"She is. Jenna is in fourth period art. I'm in third, but we met last year. She's been pretty cool. She's really good at art too."

"Cool. So am I staying for lunch?"

"I think so. The tour usually lasts like ten minutes. Then you get free range for a while. You can eat lunch with us if you want, since you'll be stuck here anyways."

"That's great! Thanks," I said, following him into a huge room.

It was filled with large tables, chairs, and many people. Some students were reading in the leather armchairs on the side of the room, and some studied at the tables.

"Here we are. The lady over there in the blue dress is Mrs. Gilbert. She's leading your group."

"Thanks again for helping me. I guess I really needed it."

Matt grinned. "Any time. Meet us at the end of this hallway, and we'll show you the cafeteria."

He shocked me by pulling me into a bear hug. I tried not to seem shy, so I hugged him back. He pulled back, and turned towards the door.

"See you later, Elena." He waved.


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