Elena Gray is a student at Harper Academy, school for the (Rich) young. Even though her family doesn't have enough money to send her, Elena's grades are so perfect that she is given a full scholarship. There, she makes fast friends in the school's art club, and choir. But when she bumps into school celebrity Cameron Blake, she runs for the hills. Unfortunately for Elena, Cam falls hard for her. Cameron doesn't normally have to work for girls, but Elena comes with many challenges for the popular boy. Elena doesn't understand how Cam could possibly like her, so can he make her stay long enough to see it?


2. Collision

"Hello Elena," Mrs. Gilbert said. "Are you ready to begin?"

I nodded at her. "Yes ma'am."

"Let's go then."

Mrs. Gilbert was a tiny old lady. She had a sweet face, and her wrinkles added to her grandma-like face.

We walked down several hallways, into several rooms. All of them were almost empty.

"All of the students are in their core lessons during fifth, sixth and eight period. It allows them to use the rest of the time to choose their electives and spend free time on projects."

So it's a laid back approach, I thought. It's very unlike my last school.

A group of girls went laughing past us, and they didn't pay any attention to Mrs. Gilbert.

"Girls!" She finally got their attention.

The girl in front glared at me. She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes in a huff, and looked at Mrs. Gilbert. The other two, (Probably her groupies) crossed their arms and took on a stance of defense behind her.

"Amber, you know this is your fourth time getting caught skipping class. That's another de-"

"Detention. I know." She huffed.

"Yes. Now, get to class please."

"Fine," Amber sighed like she was being forced into giving her a favor.

They group walked back the way they had came, but before they were there, one of the girls behind her turned towards me.

"Geek. You got us caught."

I was so confused. "What did I do?"

She didn't answer, but ran to catch up to the other girls.

Okay... What?

"Don't mind them." Mrs. Gilbert said. "They're just trying to blame someone other than themselves."

I nodded, and smiled. "I was so confused... Sorry."

'It's fine. Now, it's lunch time for your grade. So, I believe Matthew wanted you to meet him outside of the Great Room. It's right through that hallway. The bell's about to ring, so be quick."

"Thank you for giving me this tour. It was really helpful." I said, before she left. Mrs. Gilbert just smiled.

"We could use more people like yourself in this school." With that, she was gone.

More people like me? What does she mean by that? I shrugged, and walked quickly through the doors she had pointed at.

There was suddenly voices that filled the corridor. They were coming towards me from the end of the hallway. I ducked into the nearest open doorway.

I waited until the group of guys had passed, and I stepped back into the hall. As soon as I had turned around the corner, I slammed into someone who yelped and fell backwards.

I hit their foot, and lost my balance. I had a split second to decide which way to fall, so I leaned frontwards hoping to catch my balance. Unfortunately, the person grabbed my wrist trying keep from falling.

We ended up both on the floor, scrambling to get back up. I saw his face, as I stood. He had dark, brown curls that covered his forehead, and his ears. He had deep brown eyes, and a small smile playing over his lips.

"Sorry, my bad." He said, laughing.

I shook my head, and reached for my bag. He grabbed it first and held it in his hands.

"No really, I'm sorry." He tried again, hoping to get a reaction. I kept my face blank, and reached for the bag.

He pulled it back a little, before my fingers could grab it.

"I'm Cam. Are you new here?"

I nodded, and reached for my bag. "Can I have that back please?" I asked, starting to get annoyed.

Who does he think he is?

"Not until you tell me your name." He said, in what I considered a joking tone.

"Elena. Now give it back."

"Alright. Just messing around. Here you go," he handed it back.

I snatched it from his grasp and turned to leave.

"Wait. Aren't you a sophomore?" He asked, stepping in between me and the doorway.

"Yes. Now please, could I just go? I have to meet someone before the bell-"

The bell rang, and I tried to shuffle past him.

"Here, I'll help you find the way." Cam said, trying to be nice.

"Why? I know where I'm going. Thanks for knocking me over and all, but I really have to go see Matt."

"Matt? The guy from the art club? That's the first friend you make here?"

"What's wrong with Matt?" I said, my temper beginning to flare.

He blanched, his face turning red. "I didn't mean it like that. I just thought that since you were pretty enough, I figured you would be looking for more popular friends."

"I'm not pretty, and I'm definitely not like that. So, I'll see you later, Cam."

"Bye... Elena. I'll see you at lunch."

Lunch? Great. Another problem to deal with today. I had a nasty feeling this wouldn't be the last time I saw him.

"Elena!" I turned and saw the blonde hair that belonged to Jenna.

"Hey, Jenna!"

"Were you just talking to Cameron Blake?" She asked, wide-eyed.

I nodded, and grimaced. "He wouldn't leave me alone. I was trying to meet Matt and you for lunch, and he slammed into me. We fell and he took my bag so I had to talk to him. It was really annoying."

"He's like.. The most wanted guy here. Every girl wants to get with him. This is a HUGE deal."

I shook my head. "They can have him. He just seems annoying."

She grinned, and linked our arms. "Let's go find Matt."

















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