To Personify Series

series of little descriptions based around countries, emotions, seasons, myths, stories and objects as people with homemade edits. Enjoy!


2. Winter Chill

She is a cold caress on your warm summer skin. Kisses flutter from her pale, ice-bitten lips that freeze hearts and slip under warm jumpers losing to her power. Even with the heat inside, of a roaring fire and scorching liquid burning down your throat she raps her cerulean knuckles against the steamed window glass and reminds you of the bone-chill that awaits you should you move. She engulfs the lives of trees and strips them to brittle little skeletons. The world she coats perfectly frozen only thinks of the regrets of a lost summer. She envies those who live in the warmth with her icy hiss that creates avalanches. Her song is as gentle as it is stony, like a timeworn piano chirping one final song in the paramount rays of morning. But she belongs to night as summer to day. Her sisters are seasons and they are not dead like she is. Her life begins at the expense of nature and it has made her bitter. Snow knots her faint blonde hair – silvery, in a taciturn light – and icicles stagnate on her fingertips that lure in a fine chill from the quaking sky. People groan as their noses turn red and blotchy with sick that seems to thrive when she does, but Christmas lights and New Year wishes glow in the faint distance as a reminder she is not as dour as she likes to think. She leaves lingering in muddy, grey puddles and when a bud pokes out from the barren earth she leaves. A new-born lamb and its mother greets her a glad farewell and she disappears, to rest in tree trunks and crackling clouds for the oncoming year, into dew drops.

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