To Personify Series

series of little descriptions based around countries, emotions, seasons, myths, stories and objects as people with homemade edits. Enjoy!


3. Time O'clock

When we first met Time, he was a little boy. He moves too fast or not at all; his hair is composed of secrets decaying over time, and his fingers are webbed with .His once boy-knees age as they skip and jump in time with our ages. He draws wrinkles permanently with a fine silver-tip in places were young frowns hid and with the same pen highlights our manes in a grey tracks like the running race he makes us run. His lungs are strong with his constant rush, but they become hollow and black as he follows us. The more time he spends alongside a creature, the quicker they fade. So he makes himself unnoticed. In the cave of his mouth he clicks along the chimes of a clock. Everywhere he goes he is drummed along by the constant tick of time. His heartbeat has become that same beat and it breaks everyday, for the minutes that have run out for those who died too soon and for those praying Time will go faster. There are chains across his thin ankles that clatter on his bones, and the chains keep his speed consistent. He himself is shackled to each of us, though we choose to spit on him, or will him further when he joins the children for sleigh bells and midnight giddiness. He grows into a teen, begs for a future life better as he rims his eyes with charcoal and Time is the tapping of pencils as he stares into space. Time grows into lost year and then another until at last we part with time as an equal. We regret what we wasted with him, and our cracked mouth stretch a smile where a youthful grin once was. He saw every bright instant, every eternal silence with pressed fingers, and hid in the corner of our photographs and celebrations always thinking ahead. Finally he, our eleventh hour, places a peaceful kiss on our forehead, and leads us to a place where Time is infinite.

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