To Personify Series

series of little descriptions based around countries, emotions, seasons, myths, stories and objects as people with homemade edits. Enjoy!


4. Rose Thorn

She is not all pulchritude like people choose to believe. Her pout, more often that not, twists into gasps and screams as her own limbs betray her, wrangle and bruise her skin as the silken surface of her skin is no more than a shell deep. Her mind and organs host a demon, her thorns that suffocate her lungs and cause her heart to bleed from the inside out. People mistake the cry for a dull moan, a teasing sweet sound. Her hair has soft curls that stop courtly at her shoulders, from root to end a perfect red. She wears blood red and her fingers curl into a beckoning for passers-by. She needs attention like we need air, and will vulture around a kind soul until she’s sucked drop by drop of their patience. She’s home to yearly days of romance, lost and found passion here, lust and forgiveness there. She is the symbol of love and it sickens her. But she's also of gloriously naughty one night stands and pretty deceit. Her perfume intoxicates you, her colour amazes you and her look entrances you. She’ll do anything to believe she’s beautiful and by that she means anything.  If only she loved herself like everyone else does. Her personality is vacant and plain to the onlooker, but her petals of herself unfold. She’s a complex prisoner of the own poison heart, with venom having seeped and turned her cold. That’s the price of beauty she has long since paid.

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