To Personify Series

series of little descriptions based around countries, emotions, seasons, myths, stories and objects as people with homemade edits. Enjoy!


5. Forest Wood

He should be old and aging, have little rings circle his thighs and arms and waist but instead he still bounces from his roots, swinging with leaves sticking to his sweaty skin and birds nesting in his hair as he soars to the tips of trunks, his own bare legs and arms' flesh bruised and broken, freckled in the heat. In the day he runs and screams, or says nothing at all. His voice mimics the wildlife that nestle into his chest because he is their home. People try to knock him down but he refuses to lose hope. And where there is hope there is life. Wildflowers crown his daytime lovers and when owls signal the darkening day he takes a new form and his smiles become twisting frowns in the moonlight. Through a harsh glare his arms twist to grabbing, and we fear him. He's seen the beginning and end of the world, watched animals thrive and fall as they fight across his stomach and down his legs, resting at his feet stuck in the mud. His collarbones carry rainwater that drips from leaves and his green eyes are heavy with many sights. You have never felt fresh air until you meet him. You've never become wild until you lose yourself in his hold. He is everywhere but he is dwindling. With paralysed, horrified eyes he's seen crimes, he's seen love, he's seen the every day person and their every day lies  and he can't speak a word of their sins. His lips are sealed shut with amber sap but if you listen, just listen, the wind carries his whispers that lead you to truth.

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