To Personify Series

series of little descriptions based around countries, emotions, seasons, myths, stories and objects as people with homemade edits. Enjoy!


1. Bonnie Scotland

You may take her life but not her freedom. She is brash, wears tartans on her pale, freckled legs and drinks with vigour. She fears the witches and folktales passed on by words of dry-lipped mouths, learn legends of a scaly, slippery creatures beneath the waters she so fondly calls lochs. Her voice is coarse and warm; her words form slurs and ayes that her people comprehend. Her music bursts ears; her canons soar at New Year and pierce the frozen sky. She toasts her amber liquid to the future whilst tossing her coal, and she cries merrily to the past where her tears become wine. Her land is a canvas of enigmas and times of hardship, blue speckled wars and loss. Her people cry at the burdens their ancestors carried and toast to their ballsy spirit. She craves independence, and prides her country with an almighty roar and thud of red-adorned drums as she rules just and fair. She is both feared and loved by those across fences; those who and burned what made her blood the colour of Celtic abyss. Her bones ache with dancing and her crimson head of locks spins knotting its thick texture. Her paradise is heather fields and mountain side, and the thistles and berries that twist and turn in the wilderness to create the crown she wears on her level head.


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