Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


4. Warehouse Nightmare

I pulled away from Rose and looked around. I walked over to a desk that was old and had dust on it. I sat down and said "It's a bit dark, but that's good, nobody can find us."  Rose looked at me and said "It's strange." I looked at her confused and said "What is?" She said "I just think that someone would live here, I mean didn't you see the food laying out?" I looked around and spotted it and sighed. I got up and walked over to it and put my hand over it. I then said "It's fresh, maybe about 5-15 minutes?" I started to look around even more and said "You're right maybe someone is living here, but for right now we need shelter, and this is the best only thing we have." I then sighed and said "Stay alert though, they could be in this very room with us and we wouldn't even know it." Rose nodded her head and looked around, she found some girl clothes. She came over and said "Boy about 22, girl about 21." I looked at Rose and said "How did you know?" She smiled and said sweetly "You can tell the age by the size." I nodded my head and said "Looks like I picked the right person to love." We both laughed.


I then walked up some staircases and found myself on a long walkway. I looked down at Rose and said quietly "They could be hiding up here, its spacey and nobody can see you." I looked down on the walkway and found a supply of weapons, I went to the bag and looked at all the guns, knifes, grenades, I thought to myself, they must have been here for a while. I looked up and saw more staircases. I then noticed someone move, I acted like I didn't though. I went back down and said "Rose, I didn't find anything or anyone, they must have left." She nodded her head and said "So we can sleep here tonight?" I didn't want to take any chances, but Rose had been really tired she needed to sleep. I sighed and said "Yea." I had to make sure that whoever was up there knew that I saw nothing, or at least make them think that.


It was 4:04, still bright outside. I looked at Rose and said "Are you hungry?" She nodded her head and said "Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice, please." I looked at her and said "Are you sure, you're not pregnant?" She laughed and said "I love you!" I smiled and said "I can't resist those three words, if anything happens get a knife and stab them, and trust me." She nodded her head and smiled. I then walked out and got on the motorcycle an left.


It was 6:23, when I got back to the warehouse. I walked in and saw Rose laying on the floor sleeping, I smiled and picked her up. I went upstairs and put her on the bed. I looked at her sleeping peacefully and put the food down on the desk next to the bed. The next morning I woke up and saw Rose in the corner shaking. I quickly got up and ran over to her and said "Rose, what happened?" She looked up at me as if she seen a ghost. I said once again "Rose answer me, what happened?" Rose looked around, seeing if anyone was here and said "They, they came, I saw them, everywhere guns, blood, everywhere." I looked at her and said "Who came?" She just looked around again and said "Landon, and his men, and-and Joe." I froze in shock and thought Joe? No noway he couldn't still be alive. That's when a man came from behind me and said "Looks like it's a warehouse nightmare." With a smirk on his face.

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