Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


5. Scarlett and Kyle

I turned around and pushed the man on the floor, after 15 minutes, I forced the man downstairs and tied him up in a chair. The man said "I didn't do anything, let me go!" I sighed and said "I would but you look dangerous so no." Rose came downstairs and said "What are you doing?" I looked at her and said "You're okay now?" She nodded her head and said "Who's he?" I shrugged my shoulders. As I was threaten the man Rose came back over this time with a woman and said "He's okay Hunter, he's with her." I looked at the woman and sighed, I untied the man and said "Name?" He laughed and said "Kyle, you?" I said back annoyed "I don't have to tell you." Rose glared at me and said "He's Hunter and I'm Rose, nice to meet you Kyle." Kyle smiled and said "You're a lot nicer then him." Rose smiled.


I looked at the woman and said "Your name?" She said "Scarlett." I nodded my head and said "You must be the people who live here?" Rose then said "Um Scarlett, our promise, remember?" I looked at Rose confused, and Scarlett said "Oh yea, um, Kyle lets go talk over there." Then they walked away. I looked at Rose and said "Good idea we can leave now before  it's too late." She caught me by surprise and said "No, Hunter we need them, I mean, look they have money food and are just like us, we can trust them." I looked at Rose and said "Who are you, and what have you done with Rose, are you crazy?" She glared at me and said "I must be." I just shook my head and said "No, noway am I going to be living and trusting these people." Rose glared at me and said "I'm leaving you if you don't." Of course I gave in.


I looked at Kyle then at Scarlett and said "Welcome to the family." Scarlett smiled and ran over to Rose and hugged her. Rose hugged her back.  I looked at Kyle and wasn't convinced that he was all innocent. It was 3:23, I was sitting outside with Kyle getting to "know him" better, as if that was possible. I looked at him and said "So she's your?" He responded back with "Girlfriend, you?" I said "Same, so are you on the run or something?" Kyle then said "Yeah, we killed two policeman and three other people." I sighed and said "Us to, plus our past, I was with her for 3 years, but she killed someone and I went to jail for 7 years, I covered  up for her, but I still love her." Kyle looked at me and said "You're a good guy." I smiled and said "Not so bad yourself." That's when we heard sirens.


I looked at Kyle and said "Let's go." We both ran inside and yelled "HIDE" the girls quickly went upstairs where they couldn't be found so did the me and Kyle. Once we goth up there we were quiet and tried not to make a sound. The police came in and said "I saw them, look around." A rookie policeman then said "Yes, sir." I then whispered at Kyle "Get the guns." He did what I said and then I looked at the girls and said quietly "Go in the room and go from the window and get a gun for each of you." Rose looked at me and said "But, Hunter." "Go, now." I said rudely. Rose looked back at me and sighed. I looked at Kyle and said "NOW!" We both stood up and started shooting at the policeman. They were starting to hide under anything they could find. I turned around for a second and saw Rose standing there. I looked at her and said "GO NOW!" She looked at me and then picked up a gun and ran out with Scarlett.


We both continued to shoot then we started backing away. Kyle got in first and I locked the door, I then said "That should buy use some time." Kyle then went in the bathroom and got some stuff and clothes and threw it out the window at Rose, she nodded her head, it was a sign that she got it. Kyle looked at me and said "Let's go." I then went in my pocket and pulled out a lighter and dropped it on the floor and said "I hope you got everything because we won't be coming back." Kyle nodded his head and went out the window, I followed behind him. Once we were all outside police started to shoot at us. We quickly started running, that's when I saw a car with nobody in it I told everyone to get in. I got inside the drivers seat and started to hot wire the car. That's when Kyle yelled "HURRY UP THEY'RE COMING!!!!" Right when the police were right there, I started the car and drove around, and then drove off. I drove us to a place I used to stay at. Once we got inside I looked at Rose and said "This is what we have to do, run away from everyone and stuff, last chance are you sure you're up for this?" Rose looked at me and said "I trust you, but you can't trust me?" I smiled and said "Of course I do. I looked at Kyle and Scarlett and said "You guys in?" They nodded their head and smiled.

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