Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


3. Running Away

Hunters P.O.V


I woke up the next day and looked at Rose who was in my arms sleeping. I smiled, and sat up. I thought about what had happened last night and said quietly while looking at her "You're mine now." I chuckled and went downstairs. I looked at the old man who was dead and sighed, I forgot to move him. I just pushed him to the corner and went towards the fridge. I opened it up and saw that nothing was inside, basically a prop. Maybe I should go get some breakfast for her, she had a ruff night. I left the shop and went down to Earls Morning Brunch, it was a weird name for a coffee shop but whatever. I got some bagels and eggs with toast and orange juice. The clerk looked at me and said "That will be 25.99 sir." I looked at her and sighed, I didn't have any money. I looked over my shoulder and smiled then I looked back at the clerk and said "Please my little sister is going crazy and she's always calling me Hunter even though my name is Jason, I really need to feed her or else she'll go even more crazy please help me." I begged with a sad look on my face. That's when Rose came over and said "Hunter!!" I looked at her and said loudly "ROSE IT'S ME JASON NOT HUNTER." Rose just looked at me confused. I sighed and looked back at the clerk and said "See." I ended up leaving with everything I wanted. 


Once we got back to the shop we had stayed in I looked at Rose and smiled. Rose just glared at me. I sighed and said "What's wrong, time of the month?" I laughed, she just glared at me. My laugh had faded away. I looked down wondering what I had done wrong. I then said quietly "The kiss?" I sighed, I didn't understand her. I looked up at her and she was turned around not facing me, I then got up and went behind her. I put my arms around her waist slightly and kissed her neck gently and said "Why so serious?" She pouted and tried to get out of my grip but I wouldn't let her. She turned around and faced me now, still in my arms and said "I don't want to talk to you." She pushed me away and sat down. I sighed and looked at the counter and say blood, it was fresh. I then turned to Rose and said "Hasn't even been a day and you're already causing trouble. I sat down next to her and picked up her hand. I looked and her finger and kissed it and said "Next time tell me you're hurt instead of pushing me away." I looked at her and smiled. I got a band-aid and put it on her finger then kissed it again. 


She just got up and glared at me. I sighed, I didn't know what was going on. I got up and followed her upstairs, she sat on the bed and said "Stupid" I stopped and looked at her confused and said "What?" She just sighed and went to sleep. I laid next to her not leaving her side for a second for about 2 hours. She then said while sleeping "Why did I have to be the crazy one?" I laughed loudly and smiled I kissed her on the forehead and thought that's it, that's what I was worried about. I looked at her and said "Because you were the closest one to me that I know. Besides I did it for love." I still laid there next to her though and smiled. She woke up an hour later, and stared at me and smiled. I looked at her and said "Now you like me?" I guess she had forgotten  because her smile quickly faded away, and glared at me again. I kissed her and said "Love hate relationship?"  She shook her head and said "Love relationship." and smiled , I smiled back. I said we're leaving in a hour so get some stuff you think we might need. I have to go somewhere so I'll be back in a few minutes.


Roses P.O.V


I sighed and said "Where are you going?" He said "Out somewhere, see you when I get back. He kissed me on the forehead and left. I looked down and looked around. I went downstairs to look for a bag, I then found a book, I opened it up and a load of money was in it I sat there for 20 minutes counting the money, there was 1,000 dollars, I smiled and said we definitely need this. I put it inside a bag I found under the couch. I went upstairs looked in every rooms closet.  They all either had girl clothes or boy clothes, after about 30 minutes I finished, and looked at the time, I was starting to get nervous. I didn't have a phone or anything so I couldn't contact him, and even if I did, I didn't know his phone number. I sat down and waited nervously wondering where he was.


Hunters P.O.V 


I sighed and looked at the man in front of me and said "Can you do it or not?" The man shook his head and said "I'm done with you, look, Hunter I have a family now, and I love them, I can't go back to being the old me, I haven't even told them yet, respect my request and sorry." I looked down and looked at him again and said "I understand, I would do the same, alright thanks anyway." I walked off and got onto the motorcycle and drove back to the shop. I saw Rose walking around nervously, I smiled. She must care about me a lot. I walked in quietly and went behind her. She just screamed and yelled my name. I laughed and said "Calm down it's me." She then pushed me away and said "Why would you do that, do you know what time it is?" I laughed and said "I'm right on time, it's 7:00." She looked at the clock and said "Oh." I laughed and said "Yeah, oh." She just rolled her eyes and said "Where did you go?" I smiled and said "I had to get my motorcycle." She rolled her eyes again and said "Only you would do that. I smiled and said "What did you get?" She threw the bag of clothes and money towards me and smiled. 


I looked inside and looked at her, I was about to say something, but I heard a man say "In there." So did Rose we both quickly picked the bag and ran upstairs. I looked at her and said "Did somebody come by the shop today?" Rose shrugged her shoulders, I sighed. I looked around for a hiding spot but it was to late, the man was a policeman he looked at me carefully, then at Rose. He yelled out "I FOUND THEM QUICKLY GET THE CUFFS, I HAVE NO WEAPONS, HURRY!" I laughed and shook my head he must be a really stupid policeman, he defiantly at a disadvantage. I looked at Rose and held her hand, I ran to the window and quickly opened it, I dropped the bag and then I put Rose out safely and said "Hurry go." She quickly fell to the ground, but she looked okay. It was my turn, my body was half way out, when I felt someone tugging my leg, pulling me back in. I looked at the policeman and looked to my left and picked up a knife. I stabbed him in the shoulder blade, then in his knee, and just to make it count in his stomach, I looked at him on the floor, I yanked the knife out. I put it in my pocket and jumped out.


Rose looked at me and yelled "HUNTER WHAT DID YOU DO?" I looked at her and said "No time, come on." I then puled her to the front of the shop, we quickly got on the bike and left. We were riding for about 3 hours non stop and finally we saw a empty house. We stopped and went in. I said "Anyone here?" No response, I sighed and looked at Rose who was crying. I said "What's wrong?" She just looked at me and and yelled "WHAT'S WRONG? OH I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE YOU KILLED A POLICEMAN, HUNTER WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO! I'M NOT GOING BACK DOWN THIS PATH AGAIN!" I looked at her and said "Leave then." She looked at me shocked and said "Leave?" I looked at her and said "I never asked you to come did I? I just simply helped you escape, and besides you did nothing wrong, you killed that man out of defence." She looked at me and yelled "I CAN'T JUST LEAVE YOU HUNTER, AFTER ALL WE WENT THROUGH, YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE?" I looked at her and nodded my head and said "It's better that way. you won't have to be hurt anymore." Rose just looked at me with tears flowing down even more and said calmly "Hunter, I can't leave you, I-I-I love you," I looked at her and smiled and said "So you trust me?" She nodded her head and ran into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and smiled. I said "Even if we have to run away all the time?" She looked up at me and said "Even running away." Then smiled, I smiled back.



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