Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


8. Me or Him

Landons P.O.V 


I looked at Amy and smiled, it was good to see her again. Amy smiled and said "We should go now, they might find out I'm missing." I laughed and held her hand while running to the car. It reminded me back when we would run away from my dad, whenever he caught us together. We both got in the car and drove off. As we were driving off I looked at Amy who was smiling looking out the window. I thought that was strange, from what I saw and heard she really likes this Hunter dude. Maybe it was all a lie, maybe she just pretended. I sighed and said quietly "Cant be true." Amy looked over to me and put my arm around her shoulder and said "You have no idea how much I missed and thought about you." I smiled and pulled her into my chest and hugged her. I remember she always told me that whenever I did that it always made her smile and feel safe, like nothing could ever hurt her.


I then said to the driver "Thanks Len, I owe you." The driver nodded his head and smiled. Amy and I got out, she looked at the big mansion in front of her. "This- this is- is yours?" She stuttered. I nodded my head and said "Ever since I took over my dads business I got all his money plus some more I made on my own time, saved up and well here I am." I looked at he and smiled then said "Come on." We both went inside, I showed her around and then went back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and smiled I went over and sat next to her. She laid down and rested her head on my leg. I smiled and looked into her eyes as she was looking at the roof. I played with her hair, which made her smile.


It's been so long since I've been with her. I missed her for such a long time. She still had the same smell, she smelled like ocean waves and lavender. She was relaxing, soothing, sometimes responsible, everything I like in a girl. She held my hand and said "I'm happy you kept your word and came back for me." I stopped playing with her hair and smiled, I bent over her and kissed her forehead. "You still don't trust people?" I said smiling. She chuckled and and then all of a sudden kissed me. I wasn't surprised, she always used to kiss me at moments like this. I kissed her back, pulled away and said "Surprise attack." I said with a soft voice. She got up and snuggled into my arms and said "I should go back, they might be worried about me." I sighed and said "I just got you back and you're already leaving." She got up and said "Sorry." I sighed and said "I'll drive-" I got cut of by someone bursting into the door.


Amy's P.O.V



I looked over to the door and saw Hunter breathing heavily. I looked at him and and said "Hunter." Hunter looked at me then back at Landon he grabbed my arm and pulled me to his side. I then said "Owww, Hunter." Hunter just ignored  me. "What are you doing here Landon?" Hunter said angrily. Landon looked at me and noticed I was still in pain. He then pulled my other arm and pulled me to his side and said "Cant you see that she's hurt?" I looked at Hunter who was now looking down, I guess he felt bad. Hunter then looked at me as if he wanted to kill me and said "Why did you come here with this....thing!" Landon then said "Oh, so now I'm a thing, not what you were saying back when we were all friends." "Yeah well that's why it's were friends, meaning past tense." Hunter said with an annoyed voice. 


I looked down then at Landon, I haven't seen him for a long time and honestly he was my best friend and also boyfriend, I couldn't let him go. Then there's Hunter, we both knew each other for a long time, he went to jail for me, but he wasn't my first love, Landon was and is. Hunter and Landon were now standing next to each other arguing over me. "She's mine, I loved her the most." Hunter said with a crackly voice. "Yeah, well I loved her longer and to top it off I was and still am her first love." Landon said with a sly smirk on his face. Honestly I wanted to punch him, Hunter didn't know that me and Landon went out or that we even knew each other.


Landon and Hunter were friends before I was even in the picture, I still don't know how or why they stopped being friends. Hunter looked me in the eyes and said "I love you." Those words, those three words that I feared to hear the most. Whenever Landon said it to me I always cried because I loved him to I was just to scared that if I said it back we would be all lovely-dovey then one day he would wake up and just decide not to love me anymore. I wasn't ready then and I'm not ready now. I stared at Hunter looking at him, whenever I said I loved him I meant it in a playing around way, I didn't think he would take it seriously. Landon looked at me he had tears in his eyes. Landon then said "Fine, choose." At the same time Landon and Hunter then said "Me or Him?" I looked at them confused and just sighed. I couldn't believe they were making me choose over them

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