Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


2. Assassin

I sat down thinking to myself what did I just say they probably think I'm this bad person who has a bad past. I just sighed and continued to think to myself. Then the man next to me whispered "So, Rose, I'm Hunter." I looked at him and said "Hunter?" I kept on thinking that the name was familiar but I couldn't recall where I had heard it. I just nodded my head and said "Nice to meet you..... again" He laughed and said "You remember me?" with a smirk on his face. I smiled and said "Yea, in the office." he somehow looked mad when I said that. He looked up and said "Right." He smiled, it was fake.


After class I got up and went outside, I wasn't sure where Hunter had went. Once I was outside the campus I sat down on the grass. I took out my camera and started taking pictures around me. That's when someone came up from behind me and said "Working on your project without your partner, i see." I jumped out of shock since I didn't know who it was, I turned around and say Hunter laughing. I rolled my eyes and said "That's not funny!!!" He just continued to laugh then said "Usually I would let other people do my work but since I like you, I guess I could help a little." I looked at him and thought him like me. I laughed without thinking. I guess he thought I was laughing at what he said because he continued to laugh to.


Hunter then laid down next to me and said "So what pictures do you wanna take, take as much time as you need it's due by the end of the month anyway." I just ignored what he said and laid down then said "Isn't it beautiful?" He turned his head and looked at me and said "You really are the same." I didn't hear what he said so I didn't really care. Then I said "It's cold just like back then." without thinking I just said it, what a big mistake. I guess he didn't care because he just said "Wanna go out, right now." I sat up and looked at him.


Then said "Why?" I paused and said "You can't really like me can you?" He smiled and said "Have you been lied to your whole life?" I looked down then looked up and said "Fine lets go out, but you're going to regret it." I got up and started to walk away. I heard him say behind me "If you're regretful, then what am I?" I could tell he was smiling but I wasn't sure by what he meant. He chased after me and said "So, where do you wanna go?" I sighed and said "Anywhere." He laughed and said "Well we'll go where the wind takes us." I looked at him shocked and said "Who told you that?" He laughed and said "Oh I say this all the time." then smiled. I looked at him and said "Okay." 


We both just walked and walked, I finally got tired and said "How about we go inside that shop over there?" Hunter looked and me and said "Alright, come on!" I smiled and walked into the shop with him. When we got in it was dark and it felt like one of those haunted houses where some random per- "AHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, I was staring right at some old man with an ax in his hand. He looked like he just came from hell, his face was partly burned. Hunter stared at the old man and practically pushed me behind him, but it was such a soft and gentle push. Hunter then said "Put the ax down, and calm down." The old man came closer and closer.


Hunter started to back up with me following his foot steps, soon I felt my back against the wall and got even more scared. Hunter then held onto my hand tightly and whispered "Don't be scared, he's probably more scared then us." When I heard that I felt relaxed and calm I was still scared but not as much. Hunter, his words were so comforting. I then turned my attention to the old man and whispered back "What should we do though?" Hunter didn't say anything. The next thing I knew he had kicked the old man in his knee and then punched him in the stomach. The old man then dropped the ax and fell on the floor, this was Hunter's chance to use the ax and finish him off.


That's what I thought until the old man got back up this time with a knife and stabbed Hunter in the stomach. I screamed after seeing that. I had just met Hunter, but I didn't want to lose him, I somehow felt like I knew him and, and, love him. I quickly took the knife out of Hunters stomach and looked at him he was bleeding out, I looked at him with fear, that's when he yelled "ROSE BEHIND YOU!" I quickly turned around and stabbed the man with the knife in his knee. I felt the blood run down my arm, it reminded me of back then. I quickly looked at the man and said angrily "Who sent you here." I knew that something like this just would happen out of nowhere. The man said "He told me......not to tell you." the man was breathing heavily and I could tell he was just about to die.


I then said "Tell me, or I'll find your family, and kill them without regret." Hunter then said "ROSE! STOP!" I looked at Hunter and said yelled at him "STOP? YOU WANT ME TO STOP HE STABBED YOU AND YOU WANT ME TO STOP?!?" I was angry, I was confused, anger was the only thing I knew. Hunter then got up with blood all over his hands. He looked me in the eyes and said "Kill him, go ahead, like I care, but I'm not going back to prison, not for you again." I looked at Hunter and said "Again?" He looked at me and said "Yea remember you killed Joe, I went to jail for you." I looked at Hunter and said "The Cerebral Assassin?" Hunter looks at me and said "They still call me that?" I stared at him, I didm;t know how to react how to respond, I was shocked. Hunter then went to the man who was on his last breath and said "So who sent you?" The man said sacredly "Landon" I froze in shock and said quietly "Why would he?" Then Hunter looked at the man and said "I was going to save you as Hunter ,but I'm the assassin so Bye-Bye!" He dug the knife into the mans knee blood went everywhere and the man was dead.


Me and Hunter went upstairs and both sat down on the bed. Hunter looked at me with a glare, with blood still running down his body. I looked at him and said "Um, I'll be back." I got up and went in the bathroom. I could hear Hunter on the phone he was yelling at someone he said "SHUT UP, I WANT YOU TO FIND LANDON AND SLIT HIS THROT, HE ALMOST KILLED ME AND ROSE!" I smiled, he did care about me, even if he didn't show it. I came back out with a first aid kit, he was already off the phone. I looked at him and said "Um, your shirt please." He looked ay me and sighed then took off his shirt. He had abs and was well fit but his wound was messing the whole body up. I quickly started to wipe the blood off with a wet towel softly and said "Does it hurt?" He shook his head. I couldn't do anything else but clean the blood it was coming out so much and wouldn't stop. I looked up at Hunter, he looked down at me. He then put his hands on my face and said "Why didn't you trust me?" I couldn't say anything, I just looked up at him. He then said "You didn't trust me back then and still don't now." I looked at him and felt sorry because it was true. He then said "Please Rose trust me from now on." I nodded my head. He gave me a kiss, I closed my eyes and kissed back we laid on the bed kissing, forgetting about his wound we kissed the whole night.

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