Darkness Reveals

Rose is 18 she has a hard time trusting people. So she blocks everyone out. She's in her own little world. She loves to take pictures, she's actually a pretty fun person, but nobody would know that. One day she bumps into a boy who's name is Hunter. Hunter finds Rose interesting and falls in love with her. But little does she know that Hunter is hiding away so many secrets. This is where the Darkness Reveals.

-Based on a True Story


6. A New Family

I looked at everyone and said "Alright, since we all have the same problems and are going to be working together for god knows how long, we should find out each others weakness and strongest point." Kyle then said "I think that's a good idea, but how are we suppose to show you if we don't have any weapons?" I turned my head and looked at the big black bag and opened it. I saw we still had enough weapons so I said "I think we'll be fine." I then said "We start now, everyone  pick out a weapon and lets see what you can do with it." We all chose a gun or knife. We went out back into a shed. Kyle then said "I'm actually good at running but I'm pretty good with weapons to, I chose a M16a2 Rifle." I then went outside and it was almost like an obstacle course, I put 12 glass bottles all the way from the other side of the backyard. I looked at him and said "When you're ready." That's when he got down on one knee and aimed at the bottles perfectly. He shot 8 out of 12 bottles. I clapped and so did Scarlett and Rose. I then looked at him who was in the shed taking the gun off and said "If you're a good runner lets see you run from there to here." I pointed towards the bottles. He nodded his head and said "Sure" I got out my phone and got the timer ready I then said "READY.....SET.....GO!" Before I knew it he was already at the other side. I stopped the timer and looked at it in shock. Rose and Scarlett ran over to me to look at the time, but they were also in shock.


Scarlett then said "I knew he was fast but not this fast." Kyle then said normally "What was my time?" I looked at him, he wasn't breathing heavily or anything. I sighed and said "3 seconds." Kyle looked surprised himself and then  said "Well, I guess I got better." I looked at him and said "Don't be a show off." Just like that for the rest of the day we just practiced. I laid down on the couch next to Rose and wrapped my arms around her waist. She looked at me and got closer, both of our lips were about to touch when Kyle came in and ruined the moment when he said "Hunter, we should go find some food and a car that actually works." I glared at him then looked at Rose and smiled, I kissed her on the forehead and said "See you when I get back then." She just laughed and said happily "I won't miss you so, please take your time." I smiled and me and Kyle left.


Scarlett's P.O.V 


I was standing next to Rose and waving bye to Hunter and Kyle. After they left me and Rose went back inside. I could tell she was nervous and worried. I then said trying to make her feel better "Don't worry they'll get back safely." She just looked at me and sighed then said "Can you promise that?" I looked at her, for the first time in my life I felt sad and I mean not the type of sad where I had to leave my family to be with Kyle, but I felt really said for Rose. She cared so much about Hunter that she would risk her life for him, she would do anything for him to be safe. Where me on the other hand is just a normal girl who fell in love with a guy who's totally different from me. I looked at her again and said after a while "I don't make promises I cant keep." She smiled and hugged me, I was confused but happy that she didn't look so sad anymore. I then said "So......You and Hunter? How long and how far?" I smiled.


She laughed and said "Just a few days, we didn't go any further then kissing." I looked at her and pouted and said "I was hopping for a long sad story about how you found each other, but all you said was "Just a few days" As I mimicked her she laughed and said  "I didn't think you would care." I smiled and said "Tell me this way I can get to know you better." She sighed and began her story. "Truth is we've known each other for a very long time about 5 years I think, but we were just friends, we didn't or I didn't really think that he liked me. I killed a guy named Joe Henderson, Hunter covered up for me and went to jail for 4 or 7 years I think. We just met up again at UCLA and we went out on a "date" we soon found ourselves practically dead, we killed the guy who tried to kill us and then cops, to end the story shot we met u guys at the warehouse and well you know the rest." I looked at Rose and said "Totally different from me and Kyle." She smiled and said "Tell me"


I looked at her and said "We'll Kyle was, and still is a rich guy, he had trouble with fitting in because people thought he was a rich kid who lives off of his parents. He was really a nice guy, we met at a karaoke bar and fell in love first sight, honestly when he told me that he killed a man because it was a dare and didn't want to be the kid that lives off of his parents I was shocked. He didn't look like he would hurt anyone, back then I was a cheerleader, never killed anyone and still hasn't, I can't even kill a fly. I was weak but he helped me now I'm different from that cheerleader, but one thing I will never do is kill, I just can't, anyway me and Kyle have been together for too long but I never seem to get tired of him." She smiled and said "I wish I was you when I was younger." I laughed.


Kyle's P.O.V


Me and Hunter were out looking for cars to buy, I guess news hasn't come out about us being on the escape or anything because everyone was so friendly and nice, but we never let our guard down. I looked at Hunter who was looking at a red Nissan. I went over to him and said "Want it?" He nodded his head without thinking  but then quickly said "Not enough money has to be within the budget." I smiled and looked at the car sales man and said "I want this car." The man looked at me and looked at the car and said "That's a really expensive car are you sure you can afford?" I looked at him and said "This is 50,000 right? I'll give you 100,000 instead you  get 50,000 and I pay 50,000 for the car." I then went in my pocket and pulled out a big amount of cash and gave to him and said "I'll take this thank you very much." Me and Hunter got into the car.


Hunter then said "Are you out of your mind? Where did you get all that money?" I smiled and said "There's a lot you don't know about me." We both went to a store to buy some food. When we got inside people kept on staring at us, I was getting an uneasy feeling, I then looked at Hunter and said "Get some food and just go, I have a bad feeling about this place." Hunter nodded his head and started to chuck food under his shirt and he started to walk towards the door when a man came over to him and said "Are you Hunter Hans?" He nodded his head and said "Who are-" He paused and glared at the man and said "Why are you here?" I looked at Hunter and then back at the man and said "You know him?" Hunter nodded his head and looked back at the man and said "It's not safe for you to be around this place anymore, or haven't you noticed?" The man laughed and said "I didn't know you trust people so easily now? You met Kyle and Scarlett just a yesterday and you're already out shopping with him?" Hunter glared at the man.


Once we got back to the house Hunter went over to Rose and started to tell her something, Roses face turned from pale to red I could tell she was nervous." Scarlett came over and said "How was your day out?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Went fine until some guy came up to me and Hunter basically threaten us."Scarlett then sighed and said "I hope nothing bad is going on." I looked at Scarlett and said "Me to."


Roses P.O.V


I looked at Hunter and said "Wait you're telling me that he's here?" Hunter nodded his head and said "We're just lucky he didn't say his name." I sighed and said "I thought we I mean I killed him!" Hunter then said "Shhh, we cant let them hear, and I thought you did to." I sighed and said "He knows Kyle and Scarlett that means we cant ever leave them alone. Later that night everyone was in there room me and Hunter in one room and Kyle and Scarlett in the other. I saw Hunter he wasn't even sleeping, I guess he was worried that something might happen. I put my head on his shoulder and said "Are you scared?" His eyes looked down at me and said "Worried." I sighed and said "Me to." I then said "You really do trust them don't you or else you wouldn't care about what happens to them. Hunter then said "You're right, I do care, I care because we are all similar and have reasons why we chose this lifestyle, in a way they're kinda like family. My new family." I looked at Hunter, as long as I've known him he was never a family man and to here him say that meant the world to me. Hopefully bit by bit I can change myself to and find out who I really am."




M16a2 Rifle






Red Nissan

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