Forever and always

Emma Ray was a young happy life loving girl! her best friend samantha a loving mum and step farther but that all changed the day her mother and step farther had a fight, from that day forward it all changed. her mother died in a car crash that night, emma was in the car too but she survived. her step farther took her in he wasn't all that bad, except when ever she broke a rule she would get hit multiple times, she blamed her self she was still happy i guess but the twinkle in her bright blue eyes was gone. one day her step farther got back from work and she was in her room doing homework when he burst in angry she shot up from her bed then he looked her up and down and walked towards her as a tear fell from her eye. all she could think about was the past few months the months she spent with harry and louis all the drama all the ups and downs and they knew everything about her except for this secret her step farther. he took another step farther took another step as she trembled.


2. Lets Start from the beginning


I Sat on the couch, cold, scared, trembling  and horrified. my lower body ached and her head was spinning, how could he do this how? i had no idea what to think, i thought it was just going to be a hit or two but he went A LOT further this afternoon. But your probably wondering how this all started? how i met the boys, the day my mother died all of that! so lets start from the beginning.


"MUM!!" i yelled down the stairs searching through the un-packed boxes in my new room "YES?" she yelled bck up the stairs "I CANT FIND MY CONVERSE OR MY NIRVANA T-SHIRT!" i yelled back, i heard foot steps as mark my new step farthere walked in my room, he always stared at me weirdly but i took no notice, "Hey Honey, it might be in here it was in me and your mothers room" he smiled and walked out. i searched through the box and found them gladly "FOUND THEM! THANKS MARK" i yelled down.

I got changed and put on some light make up, and ran down stairs "see ya mum, see ya mark" i said whilst kissing both of them on the cheek, grabbing a juice and running outside. i was really excited for the new year i was starting at a new school. summer-hills high. I walked to school, listening to ed sheeran, the script and lots of other music. as i arrived i i bumped into a tall, curly haired boy, with loads of people standing around him i assumed he was one of those bad ass flirts so i just got up and picked my stuff up, i looked up at him after i fixed my self up "Harry" he said hugging me i just stood there awkwardly until he let go. "Emma" i said and walked off to the front desk, i could feel him staring at me so i walked away extra quickly, when i got to the front desk i got a schedule sheet "Hello, my name is Emma Ray" she smiled sweetly at me "Oh hello dear im mrs. murray" i  smiled back and put the schedule sheet in my bag "Oh harry!" the lady called and the tall curly haired and green eyed boy that knocked me over.

"yes mrs murray?" he called "this is Emma Ray, can you please be her guide for today? ill change the classes to suit" she smiled at us and we both nodded.

"Oh you were the girl from before, emma right?" we said while walking away from the desk "yes, emma" i said i wasn't to fond of harry yet. "well im harry styles" he said smiling i just nodded and walked into english, he walked up to 4 boys which one of them i knew from somewhere, but where? "Emma! come here and meet the boys" i walked over and smiled shyly "this is zayn malik, niall horan, louis tomlinson and liam payne" he said pointing to each boy, i liked the louis boy he looked…cute and childish but in a good way. wait a second, payne? liam payne? samantha payne! "liam! its emma ray! i was best friends with your sister, samantha!" he smiled and wrapped me in a hug "Em! how are you!" i pulled back "yeah great! wheres s-" and then i heard her "EMMA?" I Turned around to meet my best friend sam "SAM!"we hugged and and did all that but then liam came and tapped my shoulder "Hey em, i was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out later" he said shyly, smiling "Aw liam i'd love too!" i said leaning up to kiss his cheek i glanced over at harry, his lips were tightly pressed together his fists tightened and facial expression blank and with a slight glimpse of anger in his eye.


How did he not realise i liked her? he just made a move and it pissed me off! big time…i didn't know what to think, but emma wouldn't do anything with him surely!  but liam did have his ways and he was not going to get her only i was! and trust me she was a catch! with her long legs, dainty but still filled out figure she was curvy and her light brown wavy hair falling perfectly over shoulders and her sea blue eyes sparkling as she laughed. i didn't care what it took i was gonna make her mine!…wait did i have a crush? no! i couldn't have a crush im harry fudging styles! Liam and louis kept flirting kissing her cheek, hugging her, playing with her hair whispering sweet nothings. gahh it was so annoying! i only just met this girl harry snap out of it! no! no no! i told myself. 

"Um, Harry?" she said tapping me on the shoulder

"yes emma?" i said turning around

"Class is starting" she said pointing to the black board 

"oh yeah!" i stood there waiting for her to follow and sit next to me, but she walked off to the back of the room and sat with louis i simply sighed


"Hey louis" she smiled sitting next to me

"Hello emma, are you coming to sit with us at lunch?" 

"Oh sorry lou! i already made plans to sit with sam at lunch"

"perfect! she sits with us anyway!"

"Sounds great"

"But Harry usually sits with his own other friends, hes changed since last summer"

i looked at louis weirdly i wondered what had gone on, but i just ignored it.

"Oh well"

"sorry i know this is kinda awkward" he chuckled

i just simply smiled and nodded

"Oh yeah and if you dont sit with us your gonna need a punishment" he said with a wink

i laughed and continued looking to the blackboard.


When the bell rang harry took me to lunch at first he took me to his table with a few other boys, they just chatted amongst them selves as i glanced my shoulder to see the others i sighed and looked back eating my food. should i go back to the table? should i just leave this boring hell hole? i shrugged to myself and went to get up. 

"No babe, you cant leave" harry said pulling me onto his lap

"But this is boring" i realised i had just put my foot in my mouth. shit.

"Well lets make it un-boring, shall we?" he said winking at the boys then locking me in a full make out session as i tried to pull free eventually he let go, and i ran off away from that creep i sat down next to sam and liam and just picked at my foot and said "yeah" to everything not the best first lunch at summer-hills high.


**A/N** Hey guys! how are you all?! i hope your good! there is so much i wanna write but i have to wait! and i wanted to leave a cliff hanger but i couldn't find the perfect thing to do, sorry im a bit  brain dead today! anyway hope you enjoyed it! any ideas? comment down below and we will be sure to use them! should i add another character? maybe we will have a contest! and i was thinking maybe emma's ex boyfriend shows up? anyway comment, like, favourite because it does mean the world. love you all! stay beautiful!- Charlotte


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