Forever and always

Emma Ray was a young happy life loving girl! her best friend samantha a loving mum and step farther but that all changed the day her mother and step farther had a fight, from that day forward it all changed. her mother died in a car crash that night, emma was in the car too but she survived. her step farther took her in he wasn't all that bad, except when ever she broke a rule she would get hit multiple times, she blamed her self she was still happy i guess but the twinkle in her bright blue eyes was gone. one day her step farther got back from work and she was in her room doing homework when he burst in angry she shot up from her bed then he looked her up and down and walked towards her as a tear fell from her eye. all she could think about was the past few months the months she spent with harry and louis all the drama all the ups and downs and they knew everything about her except for this secret her step farther. he took another step farther took another step as she trembled.


1. Getting away


I stood there as a single tear ran from my cheek, he had the look in his eye like he did when he hurt my mother. i was fearful of my life at this point. all i could think was 'harry! louis! please! turn up i need you!' i told reassured myself he's a good man right? as he took slow long steps towards me, he was dragging it out which made it worse! at this point i wanted to run anywhere! somewhere far from here! "Emma…" he said one step away from me "yes?" i said trying to hide my fear, my throat had run dry and my mouth had too. "you look…good no that isn;t right shall i say hot? sexy?" my eyes widened, was he going to r-rap- i couldn't even think it. i was scared out of my wits! "oh uh-uh i have to finish my homework  its due um tomorrow" i said stuttering on each word, everything in me was telling me to run! run now! but i couldn't my legs wouldn't move. i screamed in my head, but i knew it wasn't going to help "i'm sure it can wait, hm?" he said with an evil smirk on his face, i wondered if he'd ever done this to my mum? sadly, it was probable that he had i said my good-byes in my head to harry, louis, samantha and all the boys and friends i'd made in the last 11 months."no it really cant" i said as my hands started to shake "its ok babe ill do it for you, it should be easy" did he just call me babe? i'm basically his daughter! wtf is he thinking?! at the moment my phone rang and it was samantha, she knew about my step farther because i've known her since i was 3 so it was hard to hide it from her "oh i need to get that" i said hoping he would leave "oh im sure it can wait" he said taking another step "its um uh sam she texted me that it was an emergency and now she's calling" he looked at me annoyed and worked out,  i sighed in relief and answer the phone.

"sam you called at the perfect time, i owe you my life, literally!" i said happily, but still in fear.

"what are you talking about em?" she said now worried.

"M-mark" was all i managed to get out i was still worried he could hear me so i started whispering.

"Mark, as in your step farther?" then was just silence till she spoke again "Aw Em, i'm coming to pick you up!" she said confidently which i didn't like one bit! 

"no! he will hurt you too and you cant stand against him he won't let me go!' i said a bit too loudly and extremely worried for sam's sake.

"Its ok em! i will get my brother to bring the boys! i'm sure Liam will come!" she said, as she tried to reassure me. 

"EMMA!!" I heard a voice shout, "GET OFF THE PHONE I WANT YOU HERE NOW!" the voice shouted again 

"Hurry! please! i love you sam!" i whispered down the phone as i hung up. i took three deep breaths and walked out and down stairs…


I was watching a movie as i got an un-easy feel in my stomach i ignored it and continued watching i grabbed out my phone and tweeted about it because there was nothing else to ddo. tweet- I feel un-easy in the s- i was half way through my tweet when my phone started buzzing in my hand, it was sam, emma's best friend and Liam's little sister quickly answered it "Hey sam, how ya doing?" i said smiling but soon that smile changed "Go to Emma's house now! dont worry i will explain it later! there isnt much time so hurry" i now realised about that un-easy feeling, i through my phone to the side a ran out to my car and drove straight emma's house i skid and eventually stopped, narrowly avoiding hitting a huge oak tree. liam and sam pulled up 30 seconds later then followed by louis. sam knocked on the door as we hid just in case we weren't needed, we wanted to avoid all trouble at this point. there was no answer. so me liam, louis and i beat the door down as zayn and niall pulled up. our mouths dropped we saw the sight of Emma being R-raped by her step farther, i was so shocked he seemed like a nice man but obviously not, we pulled emma from under him and louis picked her up and ran to his car, oh wait did i say that Louis was Emma's boyfriend, yeah louis i said while rolling my eyes ahh! i wanted her to be mine! she kissed me 3 days after we met but louis won her over and now she spent her time in his arms! when she could be in mine i sighed and walked to my car slowly "Mate, you alright?" i heard liam ask whilst putting a hand on my shoulder. "Yeah, j-just uh, never mind" i got in the car and drove off emma was safe now thats all that matters, i saw louis wrap his arms around her and kiss her it killed me every time he did. why couldn't she see that i would be better for her, that i loved her more, that she belonged with me.


i held her hand as we ran under the big tree, we were walking home and it had started pelting down with hail and rain! we were laughing as we reached the tree she shivered i contemplated on what to do and then gave her my jacket and wrap her in a hug. i sat sown and pulled her onto my lap we had only known each other for a week, but i liked her  A LOT! and i got the feeling she liked me too. "Emma, i think were going to be stuck here for a while" we both laughed shivered as we huddled together, she just nodded at me and put her head on my chest. "U-uh em?" she looked at me slightly worried "yeah harry?" she said in that voice i loved "I-i like you more than a friend" i said and looked away, she grabbed my chin so i was now facing her agin i leaned in and looked her in the eyes asking for permission she nodded and we kissed, with tongue and passion. i know its gross but i liked it it was almost magical and i wanted to be here, with her forever, and it felt like she did too.


Little did i know that it would the first and last time i got to kiss her, sadly and now she was with louis! my best friend! i dont know how it happened, just one day they came in and they were an item! it killed me inside but i had to deal with it.


I was so worried about my baby girl, she had been raped! as we got home she was crying and shaking it killed me seeing her like this, i missed the happy emma, the emma i loved, this isn't her, not one bit. i ran to the other side as she balled her eyes out, i went to pick her up bridal style, but she pushed me away "Emma?" i asked now completely worried! "w-w-what?" she said looking at me very tensely, and balled her eyes out even more! her face suddenly softened as she jumped into my arms, maybe she forgot it was me? it had been 6 months of "Us" now an i have to admit it was the best 6 months of my life "Wanna go inside, you can stay here with me for as long as you like baby" she just nodded and curled up, i picked her up and took her inside laying her on the couch i kissed her once again "its ok, your safe now baby, i promise"


"FUCK!" I shouted while chasing after them down the street. she was gone. i loved that kid, geez was she hot! she turned me on and i had to have her! i wasn't going to act on it, unless! they gave me a good reason and who knows what a good reason is? she was getting away and i just needed a reason to….not get her back, hm? ill work it out i said in my head a i laughed evily and smirked as i walked back inside.


**A/N** Ok hey! This is our first chapter! *happy dance* were very excited and hope you like it! if you have any ideas or if you wnt emma to be with louis or harry comment and like and favourite and because there is 2 of us writing this we will post who wrote which chapter down below! love you all stay beautiful! xx - Ella & Charlotte

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