my new family~ COMPLETED

well, Eleanor Jones. was happy until her mum died of cancer and her Dad and Older brother got drunk every night. her other older brother left and she was left looking after her baby sister. her Dad and brother beat her every nigh and day. what happens when she has enough and ends up being reunited with her brother who left her and also happens to be in the biggest boy band in the world. (soz its crap, but the story is better)


5. Niall's P.O.V:

i had just came back from the cinema with my girlfriend Becky. it was early days but i think i am in love. any way Zayn practically pounced on me and told me everything that had happened and about Eleanor. we turned on the tv as the fresh prince of bel air came on. we both immediately started singing along. Liam came in with a baby in his arms. "ssh, i only just got her asleep," he said. at that moment Harry came in. "i need something to keep Eleanor entertained.," he said. "Movie Marathon," i exclaimed. "cool," said Zayn.

"ok, I'll get the snacks and Harry pick the movies." i explained. "I'm going to put Charlie in my room," said Liam. "I'll go see how boo bear's doing," said Zayn. we all headed our separate ways. when i went into the kitchen i saw Dylan asleep with a beer bottle in his hand and loads more surrounding him. i grabbed a tub of ice cream, chocolate, sweets,crisps, some spoons and a fork for Liam and cans of coke and Sprite. i thought i had everything so i headed back upstairs with the boys. Harry had the hunger games, the notebook, paranormal activity and the Lion king and Liam chucked Toy story at him just as he came out of his room. Zayn had just came out of Lou's room and said he was flat out. we went into Hazza's room and he woke Eleanor up. she whacked him with a pillow and he introduced us. i dumped the snacks on the bed and Liam put in the first movie. Toy story. Harry sat next to Eleanor just as Louis came in. he sat on the other side of her. i sat behind he and fiddled with her Hair and Zayn sat behind Harry and messed with his Hair. Liam sat on the floor just as Charlie toddled in and crawled on to his lap. i could tell we were all happy and comfortable (except for Harry he didn't like Zayn messing with his hair) until dylan came in. he said something that made Eleanor cry. she was frozen and i could tell she was thinking about something. she then looked down at her shoulder and started to cry even more. i looked as well and saw a large scar. i realised he had done that to her. "you done that to her?" said Harry. Dylan just smiled and walked away. Eleanor cried into Louis's chest and Harry stroked her hair. i gave her a Horan hug and Zayn rubbed her back Liam comforted her and said nice things to her. we all eventually fell asleep.

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