my new family~ COMPLETED

well, Eleanor Jones. was happy until her mum died of cancer and her Dad and Older brother got drunk every night. her other older brother left and she was left looking after her baby sister. her Dad and brother beat her every nigh and day. what happens when she has enough and ends up being reunited with her brother who left her and also happens to be in the biggest boy band in the world. (soz its crap, but the story is better)


13. i wish it was me

Eleanor's P.O.V: it's been two months since Dylan had the operation. He still hasn't woken up. Louis got released two weeks ago and Josh just needed stitches. I come to the hospital everyday. I sleep here most nights. It's all my fault. If I had only done what I was told. None of this would have happened. I wish it was me there instead of him. He can care for charlie. Dad would look after them. Louis has the boys and the girls. I have no one. If I die at least I will be with mum. I miss her so much. This is all my fault.

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