my new family~ COMPLETED

well, Eleanor Jones. was happy until her mum died of cancer and her Dad and Older brother got drunk every night. her other older brother left and she was left looking after her baby sister. her Dad and brother beat her every nigh and day. what happens when she has enough and ends up being reunited with her brother who left her and also happens to be in the biggest boy band in the world. (soz its crap, but the story is better)


14. he's strong

Harry's P.O.V: i'm worried about Eleanor. She just sits there and watches Dylan. None of us know what to do. Louis stays as well. We all regret how we treated him. Eleanor's killing herself. They never got on. She thinks this is all her fault. It's not. It's all of our fault. We should of treated him better. It's almost been three months now. The doctor's have been talking about death plans. Louis just says he's not going to die. Dylan's strong. We all agree. We all miss him.

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