my new family~ COMPLETED

well, Eleanor Jones. was happy until her mum died of cancer and her Dad and Older brother got drunk every night. her other older brother left and she was left looking after her baby sister. her Dad and brother beat her every nigh and day. what happens when she has enough and ends up being reunited with her brother who left her and also happens to be in the biggest boy band in the world. (soz its crap, but the story is better)


3. Dylan

Eleanor's P.O.V: it felt like only minutes until i was being woken up by Harry. "wake up wake up," he said. "leave me alone i was sleeping," i moaned. "well now your not, so get up." he replied. "fine," i said and hit him with a pillow. 

"i want you to meet, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan," he exclaimed. "Jesus Harry please morning voice, I've only just woken up and my head is killing me," i moaned.

"yeah from the hit i gave you two nights ago," i turned to see Dylan standing in the doorway. "go away, don't think i forgot," i said. he just laughed and mimed shooting a gun at me. "remember that?" he asked me. i froze. i couldn't forget

Flash back

"YOU LITTLE SLUT, YOU'VE REALLY DONE IT NOW!" shouted Dylan. I'd fought back when he hit me. he had the Gun to my neck. i was so scared. "Dylan please Don't," i pleaded.  "ok," he said and turned away. i took a sigh of relief. he quickly turned around and shot me in the shoulder. i screamed and he left me there on the floor.

end of flashback

i looked down at my shoulder at the scar from when I had taken the bullet out. a painful memory. "you did that to her," said Harry. Dylan nodded and walked away.

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