Adopted by Niall Horan

My name is Jasmine Horan. I was adopted by the one and only Niall Horan and his "lovely" girlfriend Macey. And this is my story of how I was adopted by Niall Horan


6. Chapter 5 Girl Time

A/N Hey guys I am sorry for the wait I thought purple princess would be updating but she has recently told me she couldn't update and gave this book to me. So now it is just WackyBunny writing the story. So yeah. Here is the update you have been begging for. Oh and she gave her account away to a different girl and promised to not delete this book. If there happens to be a sequel at some point it will be written on my account only. I also plan on updating this book more frequently. I wanna finish it and enter it in battle of the fandoms. Cool right?

Jasmine's P.O.V

    The girls said they wanted to have some girl time with me and daddy said it would be okay. Perrie said we were going to the spa to get a massage and get our toes and our finger nails painted, then we were going to a place where they would style our hair and do our makeup, than some shopping, and last but not least we were going to get ice cream. Yum! It was a good plan.          On the way I picked at my nails. They were so dirty and uneven. I had never had a massage before. I guess that comes with the life style I had. Abused at a young age, parents who didn't care, and living in an orphanage for 3 years. So when I look up at daddy I see an angel. The girls and daddy's band mates might as well be angels too. But not Macey. 

     We arrived and I smiled. I grabbed Perrie's hand and than crossed the parking lot. I followed them in with a look of awe on my face. Than I saw her. My real moms best friend Shelly. I remember my mom telling Shelly to kill me. All because they went to jail because of what they did to me. They blamed me. I pulled Danielle and she looked like road kill. She told the other girls and they picked me up and turned around. I looked and Shelly the whole time just to make sure she didn't see me. She never caught a glimpse. 

     So we skipped the spa. They never once said a word to me about it. We just drove to the next stop and pretended it never happened. I was happy. 

Niall's P.O.V

     When Jasmine was getting her hair done Perrie called me. She wasn't happy either so I put the phone on speaker. "Whats up?"

     "Did you know about Shelly?"


     "Well Jasmine's real parents told Shelly to kill her and she almost did because instead on putting her in the orphanage they were going to give her to Shelly. Jasmine saw her at the spa today and told Danielle who told us" I was silent and so were the boys.

     "If she ever touches Jasmine I will kill that ....." And with that I hung up.


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