adopting is fun (youtube style!)

now you get to adopt a youtuber details inside!~


3. Kelesy your child is waiting!

Name: Kelsey Breen
Personality: Crazy
Apperance: Black eletric violet hair, blue-grey-green eyes, pale w freackles 5"8 , t-shirts jeans with converse
Type of parent: nice
10 years from now :Authour
Where you live:vancover
Youtuber you adopted: Danisnotonfire
Dating: no one
Extras: books bro boooks & crazy ness!

A person walked into the building and the 'IMMA DOOR' chimed off. Soon Lib came out of no where she smiled up at the girl that was in the door way.She had black eletric violet hair and blue-green-grey eys. She was pale witch made her freckels stand out. she was about 3 inches taller than Lib. She wore a plain blue t-shirt and jeans with converses.
"Hey welcome you would like to adopt so follow me!" Lib says.
"Ok then and what if I didn't want to adopt?" The girl asked.
"But you do so that's my point!" Lib says.
They stayed silent and walked to a new room that haad the same messed writing that said 'lunch room' on it. This time the door was teal. Lib opened the door to show a bunch of kids eating and throwing food.
"Kids we have another guest here welcome..... whats her name!" Lib said to the childern.
"My names Kelsey,"Kelsey said to Lib.
"Well you can hang out with the kids I need to make some more food," Lib says shooing away Kesely towards the kids.
Kelsey walked over to two kids that were drawing on each others faces. One had hair that went to the right and one had hair that went to the left. The one that hair was on the right had black hair and the one on the left had brown. The brown haired one had brown eyes and the black haired one had blue.
"What are you two doing?" Kelsey asked.
"Drawing!" Said the one know a Dan.
"Ok then ,"Kelesy says back to Dan.
"I got to go Dan I have to go play with Smosh! See ya!" Phil says getting up.
Phil gets up and runs off to two other kids.Kelsey an Dan hang out for awhile.
-where Lib went-
"Bacon pancakes, bacon bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and put it in a pancake-"Lib was singing when Cry and Pewds walked in.
"Mom is she going to take Dan away?" Cry asked looking up at Lib.
"Maybe I'm not sure. But how about you help me make bacon panckes?" Lib aks the two boys that were standing in the door way.
They quickly nod their heads and try to climb on the conter. After putting them on the conter they start making the batter with help from Lib.
-With Kelsey-
Kelsey was still playing with Dan whitch at that exact moment they were drawing. Then Lib came in with pancakes that had bacon sticking out of them.
"Hey wanna try Bacon Pancakes?" Lib yells at everyone that was in the room.
"Sure?" Kelsey says obvisly think I poisoned them.
Lib handed them a plate full of them. Dan took a chunk and tried it.
"It's ok... sort of," Dan said.
"I heard that!" Lib yells from acroos the room.
Kelsey then ripped off a chunk for her to try. She put it in her mouth.
"Your right," Kelsey said to Dan. Dan just gave her the'I told you so look'.
Lib walked up behind them and asked if Kelsey has decided yet.
"Yah I think I have," Kelsey replied.
"Ok just fill out this form and then you get to keep the child," Lib says handing the form out to Kelsey
Unlike the last form it asked name, age, if child agrees and will you be visting with child. Kelsey filled out the form then asked Dan if he would like to lie with her.
"But what about Phil?" Dan asked.
"Sorry but I only have room for one kid, but we can vist when ever you want," Kelsey explained.
" Ok... but can we vist eveyday?" Dan asks.
"Sure," Kelsey says.
She then checks off that he did agree and wrote the will vist every day after school. She then handed the form to Lib who told Dan to get his stuff ready. When he was at the door about to leave with Kelsey, Phil came up to him and gave him a llama hat.
Then they got in the car and headded to Vancover.
-in the house(Kesley's house)-
Dan was in his new room whitch was whiteish and had a navy blue bed and a computer. Also it had stuff animals eveywhere.
-10 years later-
Dan is now 14 years old. Kesley still is dating no one and she is a writer. Dan has a youtube channel witch ids called Danisnotonfire and he does videos with Phil who comes over sometimes.Kesley got a picnic invitation whitch she and Dan are goig to. Dan grabed his llama hat and the food they are bringin b (by the way it's mac 'n cheese!!!!) once they got to the now old adoption house Lib gretted them with a hi.
"Welcome back eveyone! I would like to start this new tradition with a talent show!" Lib said.
done there now for more!~

Enjoy your story and bye come back soon!

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